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The Renovation and Improvement Campaign for St. Giles


Be Part of the 2015 Annual Catholic Appeal
“Entrusted with Responsibility”

Please spend some time reflecting on how you can be part of the Annual Catholic Appeal. Remember that the Annual Catholic Appeal is much different than a one-time special collection. It is a pledge campaign where you can make a gift payable in installments.

As you review the work enabled by your contribution to the Annual Catholic Appeal, please reflect on God’s gifts to you. He has given you all that you have. With these gifts, you are entrusted with responsibility. Your gifts to our parish, to the Archdiocese and to the work of the Church throughout the world should be given in gratitude for the continuing gifts that God gives you. Each pledge makes a difference because all parishes participate in the campaign and the gifts of many enable our Archdiocese to deliver needed ministries and services. Our combined gifts not only signify our gratitude to God, they fund a significant portion of the work of our Archdiocese.

After our parish goal is reached in cash, 100% of any additional funds come back to our parish to help to fund our needs. If you received your pledge form in the mail, please complete it and mail it back or bring it to Mass. If you need more information, please contact our Parish Office.

This year, our goal is $84,510.18! This figure is the required 6% of our offertory income from Fiscal year 2013-14. Keep in mind when parishioners’ contributions exceed the parish goal, St. Giles will receive a rebate of 100% of the funds paid over the goal. As you know, there are many places that additional monies can be used here in taking care of our parish needs.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration and generous response.

General Donations / Contributions through Parish Pay ˆ Back To Top

Donate through ParishPayParishPay is a service that is available for all parishioners who fulfill financial obligations & charitable donations electronically. For those who travel, work on weekends, or are homebound, ParishPay service may be especially helpful. ParishPay is becoming increasingly popular. Parishioners can access this website to enroll in ParishPay, check their current donation level, or adjust their donations:


It has come to our attention, that anyone using Internet Explorer as their browser may encounter a problem when trying to sign up for ParishPay. It appears that certain versions of Internet Explorer do not allow you to advance past the initial ParishPay screen. The problem has been identified as a "Compatibility View Settings" issue which can be found under Tools. Simply add to "Websites you've added to Compatibility View" and you should be fine. All other browsers (i.e. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc) seem to work fine. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Parish Office at 708-383-3430 Ext 421.

For Parishioners who wish to enroll in ParishPay for the first time, just access the website listed above or fill out a ParishPay Enrollment Form below and return it to the Parish Business Office.

ParishPay Enrollment Form: For your convenience, ParishPay Enrollment Forms can also be mailed to the Parish Business Office at 1025 Columbian Avenue, Oak Park, IL 60302 for processing. Enrollment Forms can be printed in Adobe Reader (pdf format) through the link below or found on the display rack in the Church lobby.

ParishPay Enrollment Form in Adobe Reader (pdf - 206 KB) - Document

Please note: For Parishioners who are already contributing thru ParishPay and would like to contribute to the Capital Needs Fund, please contact ParishPay at 1-866-PARISH-1 and a representative will assist you to add the fund to your current account.

Stock / Mutual Fund Donation ˆ Back To Top

Thank you so much for your interest in donating to an Archdiocese of Chicago Parish, School or Agency. Please follow the steps outlined in the pdf document below. If further assistance is required, please contact Parish Operations - Stock Donation Representative by phone at 312-534-5399, fax at 312-534-5267 or via email at

Stock / Mutual Fund Donation Procedures in Adobe Reader (pdf - 52 KB) - Document

Letter of Intention in Adobe Reader (pdf - 974 KB) - Document

Irrevocable Stock / Bond Power in Adobe Reader (pdf - 125 KB) - Document

When donating Securities via Electronic Transfer provide your bank or broker the following transfer instructions:

William Blair & Company - DTC #771
Account Number - 156-16135-1-2
Catholic Bishop of Chicago Account
For the Benefit of: St. Giles Parish and/or School, Oak Park, IL

Additional information your bank or broker may need:

Archdiocese of Chicago Tax ID No. 36-2170826
William Blair & Company - 222 W. Adams St. - Chicago, IL 60606
William Blair Representative Cliff Kalish, Phone: 312-364-8239, Fax: 312-577-0658 or email:

For Mutual Fund Donations, please contact Greg Salm, Bank Manager, at the Archdiocesan Bank at 312-534-5399.

A Great Asset to Leave to Saint Giles:
IRAs, 401(k)s and other qualified retirement plans
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Making Saint Giles Parish the payable-on-death beneficiary of our retirement plans is like having federal, state and local goverment chip in 25%, 30% and in some cases more than 50% of our charitable planned gift to Saint Giles.

Retirement Plan - Asset to Saint Giles Information and Form
in Adobe Reader (pdf - 84 KB) - Document


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