November, the Month of Remembrance

During November, we bring pictures of our beloved who have died and display them around the Mary and Joseph altars. We invite you to bring pictures of your deceased loved ones that you would like to include in the display to church when you come for either Sunday or weekday Mass.

Boxes will be on the back pew in the gathering space for you to place the pictures, and they will then be arranged on the Mary and Joseph altars by our staff. All photos must be received by October 24 to be included in the display.

Please write your name and phone number on the back of your pictures so that they can be safely returned to you at the end of November.


Tuesday, November 2

Our parish will celebrate a Mass of Remembrance on Tuesday, November 2, at 7 pm. This is an occasion to honor those connected to the parish who have died since November of last year. All are invited, especially those who have lost a loved one who was buried from St. Giles or who was prayed for at weekend Masses.

This Mass will also be available live-streamed via our YouTube Channel, so that all who wish to participate can do so. We will read the list of names and light candles in their memory. You also may choose to light a candle at home during the reading of the names of the deceased.

If someone close to you died and was buried elsewhere, or you wish to include their name in the list read at the Mass, please email the information to, or call the Parish Center at 708-383-3430. Details regarding the livestream will be available soon on this website homepage.