Our Annual Mass Book for 2018 opens Monday, March 6, 2017

Those wishing to schedule a Mass for the intention of someone who has died or for special intentions may come to the Parish Center this March 6 or after to do so. Masses will be scheduled on a first-come basis.

Please be advised that the Mass Book fills up quickly. Therefore, if specific dates are important to you, you should schedule them as soon as possible. Please note that all Holy days and all holidays are designated for the intentions of the parish; no individual intentions may be added to those days.

There is one Mass available each week at which we may have multiple intentions: 5 pm every Sunday. This year, we will again allow one additional intention at each Mass (except where the intention of the parish “All Saint Giles Parishioners and Benefactors” appears).

Collective Mass Intentions:
Just what are collective Mass intentions?

The Archdiocesan guidelines for allowing more than one intention for a given Mass is in response to the need of many people seeking a specific date or time for a Mass to be offered for a loved one who has died or for someone who is sick or a special intention. In times past, when all Masses were for single intentions only, the Mass book would fill up quickly and a request might not have been filled for 10-12 months or longer.

Since the efficacy of a Mass offered is infinite, having multiple intentions for a given Mass does not lessen the efficacy or grace of the Mass. “Collective Intentions” enable the requests to be filled within a reasonable amount of time.

Open dates for Mass intentions are still available in 2017 Mass Book. Please contact the Parish Center with any requests that you may have.