Call for Peace and Justice – Cardinal Cupich and Fr. Carl

CLICK HERE – Statement of Cardinal Cupich on the Current Civil Unrest

May 31, 2020

Dear Saint Giles Community,

I had to stop watching the news the past two days, it became so disturbing. The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis left me speechless and feeling disgusted. We need to raise our voices in solidarity against the realities of injustice and racism, without violence or criminal conduct. As we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost, the coming of the Holy Spirit with Power and might, please join me in prayer that the Spirit of wisdom and peace will prevail in the minds and hearts of all who are hurting and angry and are crying out for justice. May the Holy Spirit also bring courage to work towards unity and justice for all people that God has created. We are one in the human family of God and must strive to treat each other with the dignity and respect each person deserves as a child of God. It so clear these days, COVID – 19 is not the only disease causing death in our country. Let us join in prayer together for strong action against injustice, inequality and racism of all kinds, also the cause of so much destruction and death still today. May common sense, calm and peace prevail. I ask everyone to pray for these gifts desperately needed today. Come Holy Spirit! With you a Christian, for you a priest.

Fr. Carl Morello – Pastor of St. Giles Parish