Do you have some free time on Friday or Saturday, April 26 or April 27, at your convenience?

We need willing volunteers, individuals, families – Come one come all! – to help maintain the wonderful, caring, supportive home for intellectually and physically disabled residents at Misericordia Home. Family members of St. Giles parishioners, not to mention all of the 600 plus residents who live there (with more than 200 on a waiting list!), depend on this fundraiser.

So check your calendars. Let us know what fits your schedule. Join us as we greet and meet, and most important of all, collect the generous donations passers-by grace us with as we spread the word about the good work that Misericordia does.

Here’s who to call. And thank you ever so much for helping us! It is very much appreciated.

Sherry Scouffas
708-612-0679 (Cell)
708-848-9497 (Home)

Therese Sabo
708-341-8620 (Cell)
708-848-5230 (Home)