Essential Items Collection for The Humanitarian Respite Center

I was a stranger and you welcomed me…

Dear St. Giles,

We are entering that time of year where we are asked to remember those who are less fortunate than us. As you know, I spent a week last month at the border volunteering at The Humanitarian Respite Center that serves men, women and children and families who have left their home countries fleeing traumatic and life-threatening circumstances. This ministry at the Center provides a welcome relief and support to these immigrants, and is a place for them to be fed, to rest and to feel fully human once more before taking the next leg of their journey.

During this season of Advent we will be collecting essential items most needed at the Center: shoelaces of all sizes, travel-sized toothpaste and travel-sized deodorant for men and women. There will be baskets in the back of church to collect the items, or you may drop them off at the Parish Center. I also will be accepting donations for shipping these items to the Center. Your generosity is so appreciated. Thank you.

In gratitude,
Maudette Carr