A Summary Note from the Operations Director

For the past 19 months, I have served as Operations Director at St. Giles Parish. The position has four major areas of responsibility:

  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • School Support
  • Buildings and Facilities Management

I also added Communications and have worked with a wonderful team on improving parish communications via Flocknote (e-news) and other social media platforms.

During this time, much energy and parish resources have been directed to building maintenance and repairs. In past bulletins and the parish Flocknote / e-news you may have seen articles with accompanying photos of all the projects that we have tackled. We are fortunate to have a competent and dedicated Facilities Committee that tracks and prioritizes the needs for repairs and regular maintenance on all campus buildings.

My goal is to ensure that all campus facilities are in the best possible condition for the ministries of the parish. The parish grade school has been a primary mission of the parish and occupies many of the campus buildings for close to 10 months of the year. St. Giles is unique in that there are more ministries and active groups than most parishes which makes it a busy campus.

Now that St. Giles has been unified with St. Catherine-St. Lucy, my responsibility, with our team, is to work on the business aspects of our joining together. As a result, I have begun working with the Archdiocese Facilities and Construction folks and St. Catherine-St. Lucy leaders like Kevin Kell and Tom Nelson, and others on the short-term and long-term needs on the St. Catherine-St. Lucy campus. In the last few weeks, we have proposals for the deferred tuck pointing, downspout leaks and interior plaster repairs of the church. The boiler in the rectory needs to be replaced, and we have received proposals for that project. The air conditioner is not functional in the rectory. Sewers in the Chicago parking lot were cleaned out about 10 days ago. We will be forming one Facilities Committee for both campuses. However in the short run, there are immediate items such as the rectory boiler and church masonry issues that are high priority. In collaboration with the Pastoral team, the Finance Committee, parishioners, and our Facilities Committee, we will try to provide the best possible maintenance and repair of our facilities so that the mission of evangelization is fulfilled.

At St. Giles, we have made exceptional progress these past 19 months but still have much work yet to be done. Regretfully, a large part of the work is related to the infrastructure – electric, plumbing, and exterior work that one does not always see. On behalf of Fr. Carl, the Pastoral team, administrative team, Finance Committee, Facilities Committee, and our school, I would like to thank you for your generosity over the last few years that has allowed us to complete so many projects. I am grateful for all their support.

If you have any questions regarding any of the areas of parish operations, please feel free to contact me via email at or call me at 708-383-3430 ext. 102.

Matthew Brophy
Operations Director – St. Catherine-St. Lucy and St. Giles Parish


Roofing and Plumbing Projects in Progress

The roofing company returned this week to work on the replacement of our leaky gutters. The 80 year old gutters on the Rectory are being replaced with new copper ones. The previous gutters, although repaired regularly, were finally beyond repair and needed to be replaced. A few gutters on the Frawley Building will also be replaced.

Inside the Corrigan Building, the asbestos was removed two weeks ago and the installation of hot and cold water pipes connecting to the 66 risers is well underway. The plumbing project will take about 15-20 work days. This will complete about 80% of the plumbing problems in the Corrigan Building. Last summer, we installed a new water service, shut off valves and back flow prevention devices in the Corrigan Building.

The AC chillers installed on the Church roof and the additional measures taken to connect the air handlers in the Church has resulted in much more efficient and even cooling in Church.

The roofing project will last about 3-4 more weeks. The plumbing project will continue another 3-4 weeks.

We are able to do all these projects due to your generosity to our Capital Fund over the last few years.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Matt Brophy
Operations Director
708-383-3430 ext. 102


Our next major capital project, the Corrigan Building plumbing, began on Monday, June 6. All hot and cold water horizontal galvanized pipes that are original (from the 1950’s) are to be replaced with new copper pipes. Last July, we installed new water pipes, back pressure flow valves, and shut offs from the street inside to the mechanical room. This Spring, all the original toilets in the Corrigan Building were replaced and new shut offs installed. Phase 3 will now replace all plumbing in the crawl space. The 220 feet of hot and cold-water pipes will be connected to 66 vertical plumbing fixtures on both the first and second floors.

Asbestos abatement was completed this week. The plumbing work will begin on Monday, June 13, and take approximately 20 workdays.

Thanks to the generosity of our parishioners over the last few years, we are able to tackle this capital project whose approximate cost including contingency is $110,000.

On Monday, June 13, the School’s art room, library, and technology room, all located on the second floor of the Dore Parish Center (parish office building), will get a fresh coat of paint. The art hallway will get an upgrade as we replace the old cork boards that were glued to the walls with display boards. The art hallway will also be painted. The final painting project will be the School’s lunchroom located in the basement of the Frawley Building.

It’s our hope to also replace the iron gates and do fence repairs to the Corrigan Building playground as well as replace the fencing for the playground behind the Gleeson Building. The wooden fence (behind Gleeson Building) is beyond its life expectancy.

The landscaping project for the north side of Church has been put on hold as well as the foundation repair for the Frawley Building. Some of these other projects have taken priority.

A few major projects scheduled for St. Giles for 2023-24 include windows in the Dore Parish Center. Most of the windows are original and 83 of them need to be replaced. The Corrigan Building will need phase 2 of electrical work with estimates coming in between $250,000-$300,000. The water mains and back flow valves in the Frawley Building need to be replaced with an approximate cost of $40,000. The hot and cold-water pipes in the Rectory need to be replaced. The last estimate for this job was $16,000.

As we begin the unification with St. Catherine – St. Lucy Parish, I have begun to assess the work that needs to be done there with the limited funds available. Some life safety work will need to be completed before the fall and winter.

If you would like to invest in our future and contribute to our capital fund as we prepare for our centennial, please contact Fr. Carl, Sharon Bresnahan or myself.

Of urgent need are window replacements for the youth ministry rooms in the Dore Parish Center. The windows were falling out of their frames this past year!

If you have any questions about these projects or the work being done, please feel free to reach out to me via phone or email.

Matt Brophy
Operations Director
Email –
Tel – 708-383-3430 ext. 102


In the past fifteen months as Operations Director, I have tackled the major capital projects and deferred maintenance on our campus with guidance from Fr. Carl, the Facilities Committee, Parish Council and the Archdiocesan Office of Facilities and Construction. One parish member asked me, “Where did we get all the money to do these projects?” The parish has a capital account which are funds set aside for capital projects, major repairs and maintenance. Through your generosity, the parish had built up sufficient funds to cover these necessary repairs and improvements to our ninety-five-year-old campus. Yet there is still much to be done.

The parish is blessed with an excellent Facilities Committee. When I arrived, they had in place an extensive report and spreadsheet detailing the repairs that had been completed and a listing of repairs / projects that needed to be addressed. The committee assigned either a high, medium or low priority to each outstanding item. In addition, the Archdiocesan Facilities Construction Team and the Director of Vicariate Operations has worked closely with us on the life safety priorities. Listed below are the majority of the projects that have been completed since January 2021, the projects in progress in 2022 and the projects that need to be addressed beyond 2022.


  • Installed new main water line, shut offs, back flow valves to Gleeson Building.
  • Replaced RTU (AC) unit after ice damage – Gleeson Building (Paid by Insurance)
  • Repaired and replaced exterior west entrance steps – Frawley Building
  • Installed all new steam traps on radiators for four buildings increasing efficiency of boilers/heating plant (Nicor Grant).
  • Replaced main water line plumbing shut offs, back flow valves in the mechanical room – Corrigan Building
  • Replaced main electrical service for Corrigan, Frawley, Church and Rectory. Central panel relocated to exterior wall. This required the alley be dug up so new electrical service could be run from the transformer to the Corrigan Building. Water was leaking inside the electrical line creating a life safety concern.
  • Attached duct work for AC air handler for the Sanctuary to the main air handler for the Church AC.
  • Installed roof and snow guards on Gleeson Building.
  • Made roof and chimney repairs to Gleeson Building.
  • Made landscaping improvements and extended downspouts to mitigate dampness in the crawl space of Gleeson Building.
  • Replaced four damaged copper downspouts – Church and Dore Parish Center (Paid by Insurance).
  • Installed a clean out for Church bathroom and replaced sewer line on exterior of Church.
  • Replaced fan motors for heat for north and east vestibule church entrances.
  • Replaced carpeting in the gathering space in Church (Paid by Insurance).


  • Removed and replaced two AC units (Chillers) from Church roof (Family Donation).
  • Removed and replaced six toilets in individual classrooms – Corrigan Building
  • Removed all old electrical panels on stage and unused theater lighting – Corrigan Building
  • Removed, upgraded and replaced old electrical wiring in the gym/stage area – Corrigan Building
  • Repaired and replaced all tiles on tiled roofs where necessary.
  • Replaced and installed new copper gutters, liners and rewelded seams where necessary.
  • Installed programmable thermostats in art, music, library rooms, parish office vestibule – Dore Parish Center
  • Repaired heating elements and transformer on Church access ramp.


  • Replace twelve windows in Rectory and three windows in west elevation of north Dore Parish Center entrance hallways.
  • Landscaping improvements Greenfield side of the Church to mitigate erosion and water/ice accumulation on the sidewalk.
  • Replace all hot / cold water plumbing in crawl space of the Corrigan Building. Abandon old plumbing. Reconnect hot/cold water to 66 plumbing fixtures on first and second floor.
  • Repair plaster in the Church from roof and mortar leaks.
  • Replace hot / cold water horizontal plumbing feed lines in Rectory basement.
  • Foundation repairs to north elevation of Frawley Building along school offices.


  • Phase 2 of electrical project for the classrooms in Corrigan Building – replace old wiring and install all new electrical/breaker panels on first floor and breaker panels in the mechanical room.
  • Replace the water main in Frawley boiler room and install new shut off valves, back flow devices and new horizontal water feeds in the basement to all vertical pipes. Currently the plumbing is not up to code especially due to the boilers in this building.
  • Window replacement – 83 windows in the Dore Parish Center.
  • Window replacement – 16 windows in the Rectory.
  • Carpeting for Church aisles, sacristy and music room.
  • Church Organ – either replacement with pipe organ from another church or hybrid pipe / electronic organ.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call me. Under the guidance and expertise of the parish Facilities Committee, the Finance Council and Fr. Carl, we have seriously taken on the maintenance and needed repairs for all our campus facilities. St. Giles is five years away from its centennial. It is our responsibility to maintain the parish campus now and for the future generations that will benefit from all the work that we are doing. If you wish to make a contribution to the capital account for future projects, contact Fr. Carl, Sharon Bresnahan or myself in the parish office.

St. Giles, pray for us!

Matt Brophy
Operations Director
Email –
Tel – 708-383-3430 ext. 102


The parish has an active and competent Facilities Committee that meets every other month to review campus projects and prioritize needed repairs in both the short term and long term. Committee members with both mechanical, architectural and financial experience advise the parish on projects needed to maintain our campus in excellent condition.

The repair and replacement of broken tiles on any of our tile roofs are on hold until the snow melts. Unfortunately, a number of the roofers contracted Covid and were unable to begin the project when the weather was favorable in November and December. When the weather breaks, the roofers will begin the project. The funding has already been set aside at the Archdiocesan Bank.

Ol’ Man Winter has shown his face again. Maintaining the campus free of snow and ice has been challenging. Fortunately, school students had a snow day and a remote learning day which made clean-up much easier. The January ice storms depleted our ice melt and we did have to order another pallet for sidewalks and parking lots. Unfortunately, the heat transformer on the Church ramp (Greenfield side) is not functioning and like most things, turn-around time for a new one will be another eight weeks. Just in time for Spring!

In the Fall, we added ice and snow guards to the roof of the Gleeson Building (1101 Columbian.) They have worked well so far keeping any accumulation of ice to a minimum. We also extended the downspouts which has minimized any moisture in Gleeson Building crawl space.

The Corrigan Building (1030 Linden) was built with foresight. Each classroom has two bathrooms. The majority of the sinks and toilets are original and in need of replacement. The shut off valves no longer work. So in order to do repairs, the water has to be shut off for the whole building. The plan is to replace the toilets during the School’s spring break.

The Church air conditioning uses rooftop chillers and an air handler. The two rooftop chillers are over thirty years old and well past their life expectancy. Last year, one malfunctioned and was down for over six weeks. The second chiller was insufficient to keep the church cool and maintain the proper level of humidity. Each year, one or the other needs extensive repair. Fr. Carl received an unexpected donation to cover $100,000 of the $107,800 cost to replace the two chillers. The Arch has approved this replacement expenditure. The units are expected to be installed after Easter.

There are other proposals on the list for repairs that will be presented to the parish Finance Committee for review and consideration at the April meeting when we present the budget for FY 22-23.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Matt Brophy, Operations Director at or by calling the parish office.


In the Church basement, there are two air handlers (return and supply ducts) used for air conditioning the Church. The larger sixty-ton unit provides the AC for most of the Church. The smaller twelve-ton air handler provides AC for the sanctuary and choir area. The smaller unit has not been functional in over five years. At the time, replacing the smaller unit was considered too costly. In addition, it was thought that the larger air handler would be sufficient to cool the entire church. Regretfully that has not been the case.

12-Ton Air Handler Duct Removal

To improve the efficiency of the AC system, the HVAC contractor removed the smaller unit and connected the return ducts from the sanctuary and choir areas to the larger air handler. This will improve air flow to those two areas which were significantly warmer than the rest of the Church. We should see the improvement next summer. The funds for this project will be taken from the parish’s capital improvements account. Our Facilities committee has worked closely with the Facilities staff at the Archdiocese. The Archdiocese had encouraged us to complete this project which we did on November 19, 2021.

New Sheet Metal Duct Connection to 60-Ton Air Handler

If you have any questions or concerns regarding facilities, please contact Matt Brophy at or the parish office 708-383-3430 ext 102.


The tile roof repair and gutter replacement, the last large capital project, has been delayed. If there is no snow on the tile roofs, the project is scheduled to begin the first week of December. If there is snow, the project will be pushed back to the spring.

Although St. Giles has a good snow removal company, we did contact six companies for comparative pricing purposes. All six companies informed us that they do not have sufficient laborers and would not be able to bid on providing us with snow removal services. We will continue to use our current company that charges us per snowfall as opposed to committing to an expensive monthly contract. In preparation for winter weather, we have ordered ice melt and purchased a new snowblower for minor snowfalls and clean-up of intersections after the municipal plows make their way through the streets.

Fall maintenance has been performed on the boilers and roof top units. There are two boilers that heat the following buildings: Corrigan, Frawley, Rectory and Church. One boiler can sufficiently heat the four buildings until temperatures dip to extreme cold. Then, a second boiler kicks in to provide maximum heat. Each building has its own thermostats and motorized valve systems to provide heat when needed. The Dore building (parish offices), once heated by the two main boilers, was changed over to roof top units decades ago. The Gleeson building has two smaller boilers that work to provide heat to both the first and second floors. These units are very efficient and well maintained.

This heating season, the cost of natural gas is projected to increase up to 40%. With our maintenance supervisor, Dennis White, and Southwest Town, our boilers and all the HVAC equipment are functioning at their highest efficiency. The Archdiocese is still in negotiation with the natural gas suppliers to minimize the cost increase to the parishes and schools. We will lower thermostats down moderately on weekends and during the holiday breaks to decrease the costs of natural gas.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding facilities, please contact Matt Brophy at or the parish office 708-383-3430 ext 102.


This week, the old, damaged AC (RTU) unit for McDonough Hall was removed and the new unit, covered by our insurance, was installed and is now fully functional.

Part two of this project was preventative. Snow Guards have been installed on the Gleeson Building roof over the west side of the building above the AC unit. Snow guards have also been installed over all the doorways and portico on the east side of the Gleeson Building.

The third project completed this week was the replenishment of 16,000 pounds of blue mulch on the Corrigan Building playground. Many of the areas directly under the playground equipment had lost the necessary depth of mulch to keep our children safe while playing.

If you have any questions, please contact Matt Brophy, our Operations Director, at or call the parish center at 708-383-3430. As always, thank you for your continued generosity to maintain the integrity of our parish campus!


Maintaining the Integrity of Our Parish Campus – The campus is blessed with great architectural design and beauty. One of the distinguishing features of our parish are the tile roofs. Over the last few years, the tile roofs have “weathered” many different weather conditions. On average, we experience thunderstorms thirty-two days in any given year often with excessive rainfall. This past winter there was excessive snow and ice formation on the roofs that caused damage to the tiles.

(broken or missing roof tiles)

As part of a proactive maintenance program, the Archdiocese has approved the parish request to do the maintenance and repair to our roofs. The cost of the project is approximately $89,000 and will be funded by the capital funds the parish has on deposit. The roof and gutter repairs will begin this month with a completion set before Thanksgiving.

(holes in gutter lining)

Another capital project to be completed this coming month is related to the air conditioning for the church. This past summer there was excessive humidity in the church for several reasons. First, recent summers tend to be much more humid than in the past. In addition, the two roof top AC units are beyond their life expectancy. One unit failed and was not functioning for just over three weeks. In general, it’s harder to get parts during “covid” and the parts for our unit are even harder to replace since it is over 30 years old. One principal problem of the Church is that AC air handler for the sanctuary and choir is not functional. The HVAC contractor recommended, and the Archdiocese facility managers agree to connect the small AC air handler for the sanctuary to the larger air handler for the church. There is sufficient capacity to circulate air for the entire church. The cost of this capital project is $10,150.00. The facilities committee has asked to schedule a meeting with the HVAC contractor and the Archdiocesan facilities managers to discuss the short-term AC needs as well as the need to replace the two-rooftop air conditioning chiller units that are beyond their life expectancy.

(two-rooftop AC units – Church)

Our Facilities Committee has asked to schedule a meeting with the HVAC contractor and the Archdiocesan facilities managers to discuss the short-term AC needs as well as the need to replace the two-rooftop air conditioning chiller units that are beyond their life expectancy.

If you have any questions, please contact Matt Brophy, the Operations Director, at or call the parish center at 708-383-3430. As always, thank you for your continued generosity to maintain the integrity of our parish campus!


This past winter, the Gleeson Building suffered major damage from the ice and snow. You may recall that the Air Conditioning Unit (RTU) was damaged when ice fell off the west elevation of the roof and onto the AC unit. The claim was processed through the archdiocesan insurance and the replacement unit has finally arrived and will be installed this month. The parish paid the $1,000 deductible for the claim and insurance paid the $45,000 for the replacement unit and installation.

The Gleeson Building has the only metal roof on the campus. To minimize the risk of ice formation on various elevations of this roof, we are installing SnowGard retention systems on the west elevation above the mechanical equipment, the main entrance, the canopy at the main entrance and the east elevation above the entryway. The goal is that snow and ice will accumulate minimally over these areas and not repeat the ice buildup that we experienced last winter. The SnowGard protection will cost the parish $8,260.

In August, we worked closely with the Archdiocese and our HVAC contractor on the increased humidity in the Church. It was an unusually humid summer and the right balance of cooling, humidity levels, as well as how many hours the units are operational has been a fine balance. The HVAC contractor completed a major programming update for the unit as one of the steps in improving its functionality.

There are two air handlers in the basement of the Church. The main air handler is for the Church and the smaller air handler is for the Sanctuary. Regretfully, the air handler in the Sanctuary has not worked for many years leaving the Sanctuary warmer. The HVAC contractor made a recommendation to tie the duct work from the small air handler into the large air handler. No decision has been made, but we are in discussions with Archdiocesan facilities managers on the proposal.

In the October 10 Arrow, an update on roof repairs and gutter repairs / replacements for all the five tiled roofs on the campus will be presented.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Matt at or 708-383-3430 ext. 102. As always, thank you for your continued support of St. Giles Parish!


Major Electrical Project Completed – On Tuesday, August 10, ComEd restored electric to the transformer located in the alley behind the Corrigan Building. One by one, the Frawley, Corrigan, Rectory and Church buildings were brought online and connected to the new electrical panel that was relocated to the east side of the Corrigan Building in the alley. New electrical conduit replaced what had been damaged by the leaking water. The alley was repaired and is now open for the start of school.

This has been a life safety project that had been deferred for the last couple years. Thanks to the Facilities Committee, Fr. Carl and the Archdiocese of Chicago Facilities directors, this project was elevated to a life safety status, necessitating its completion this summer. A special thank you to you our parishioners. Without your generosity this needed electrical project could not have been completed.

In June, we were also able to upgrade the water mains, control valves and reverse pressure valve in the Corrigan Building. Before the winter sets in, our next project is to make the needed repairs on the tile roofs and replace a number of gutters and downspouts that can no longer be patched. The Facilities Committee will meet in the coming days to determine what repairs are immediate and what repairs can be deferred until next summer.

Again, thank you for your generosity. If you have any questions or concerns about our parish campus facilities, contact our Operations Director, Matt Brophy, at


The new electrical conduit and new C/T panel have been installed. The Church, the rectory and the Frawley building are temporarily connected to the Parish offices for electric. The temporary electric lines are running through the tunnel. The AC for the church is temporarily connected to a generator.

ComEd has turned off electric at the transformer in the alley. The Corrigan building has no electric except for Fire alarms and for Security Cameras. All new electric cabling will be run from the transformer in the alley to provide Electric for Corrigan, Frawley, the rectory and the church. ComEd will restore electric to the transformer on Tuesday.

The project has had some surprises but Nesko electric has adapted its work plan as needed. All work will be complete for school to open on time.

If you have any questions about this project or any other project, please contact Matt Brophy, Operations Director, at or call him at the parish office, 708-383-3430, ext. 102.


The third major repair project is now in progress: the repair to the underground electrical feed for the Corrigan, Frawley, Rectory and Church buildings.

The electricity for these four buildings originates from a transformer in the alley behind the Parish Center. The electrical feed is located in a cement casement that lies underground in the alley and into the crawl space of the Corrigan Building. Somewhere between the transformer box and the electrical line as it enters the basement, there is a break in the pipe and/or cement casing. Water has been leaking into the main electrical line. The water has eroded the electrical pipe in the basement and leaks both into the basement as well as into the main distribution panel located in the mechanical room. Although there has been no electrical failure, there could be a catastrophic loss of power at any given time.

This past week, an initial excavation was done by hand to confirm what was marked by Julie, the line location service. The alley has been cut and equipment brought in to excavate the alley. The new distribution panel will be moved to the exterior wall of the Corrigan Building and a new underground line will be installed leading from the transformer, under the alley and into the new distribution panel. New electrical lines will be relocated into the new distribution panel. This project has to be completed before the teachers and students return to school the week of August 17.

For any questions or concerns regarding facilities, please contact Matt Brophy, Operations Director, at or call him at the parish office, 708-383-3430, ext. 102.


On Monday, July 19th, an inspection of all our tile roofs and gutters on the campus was done. The initial report shows approximately 100 broken roof tiles that need to be replaced throughout the campus. There are a number of areas where the tiles have slid out of place and need to be repositioned and secured.

There is a loose gutter on the lower elevation of the roof closest to the bell tower that also needs to be secured. In the same area, there are many roof tiles that have slid out of place and will need to be secured. Also, failed caulking on the flashing in that area has caused some interior water damage over the arch near the Baptistery.

On both the Rectory and Frawley Building, several gutter liners have holes. The liners have been sealed, but the seal failed and those liners will need to be replaced. There are approximately 55 roof tiles on the Rectory that need to be removed, a water/ice barrier installed, and the tiles put back in place.

As we await the final report, these are some of the more urgent items that will require our attention before winter. Working with the Facilities and Finance Committees, we will prioritize what needs to be done now and what will have to be deferred maintenance.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our facilities, please feel free to call me at the parish office 708-383-3430 or email me at


As Operations Director I oversee facilities on a general level as well as coordinate the major projects on the St. Giles campus. In the last few weeks, we have made some improvements and/or repairs that I would like to share.

CHURCH – There have been recurring problems related to the rest room. The sewer had frequent clogs and made the bathroom unusable. Excavation on the northeast side of Church revealed that tree roots had almost completely clogged the sewer line and the downspouts. The old sewer line was replaced and a clean out was added to the line for regular maintenance.

The carpet in the gathering space of church that previously had mold issues was replaced two weeks ago.

There is a leak in the roof over the 6th pew on the St. Joseph side and another over the arch of the baptistery. In the coming weeks, roofing company will do a thorough inspection of all our tile roofs and make any necessary repairs to the church roof. Several tiles must be replaced in the bell tower.

CORRIGAN (School building) – Phase 1 of our two-phase plumbing project in the mechanical room was completed July 2. The original water main on the interior of the building had developed leaks, was rusted out and could burst at any time. The Archdiocese Facilities and Construction office elevated the water pipe replacement to a high priority. The project included replacing the water main and installing an RPZ which is a back flow device to protect the drinking water and the village from contaminants. The RPZ was not part of the original plan. The total cost of this project is $33,455. Phase II of the project is planned for next year which consists of replacing the horizontal pipes for both the hot and cold-water feeds for all washroom facilities and sinks. Hopefully, the cost of copper will decrease in price by next summer.

The second major project is electrical. There is a ComEd transformer off the back of the parish offices that has an underground line feeding electricity to a central distribution electrical panel. The conduit under the alley has cracked or broken and water leaks into the conduit and reaches the central distribution panel in the basement of the Corrigan Building. The electrical service feeds Corrigan, Frawley, the Church and the Rectory. If this line fails, electricity could be out on our campus for several weeks. Due to the nature of this situation, the Archdiocese has elevated this to a high priority repair. We have been coordinating efforts with Ward Contractors, ComEd and several other contractors on the project.

The alley will have to be excavated and the line replaced or repaired and sealed in concrete. The main distribution panel will be relocated to an exterior wall on the east side of the Corrigan Building. The project is to be completed by August 6 depending on the availability of ComEd and the electrical supplies. The parish has set aside $110,000 for this project. Currently, we do not know the fees that both ComEd and the Village will charge for their work and the cost of the Village permit.

GLEESON – In February, large chunks of ice fell from the roof and damaged the AC Unit and the air handler. The unit cannot be repaired but will be replaced. In March, the Arch and the insurance company approved the purchase of the new unit. The unit is set to be delivered at the end of July and installed in early August.

GENERAL – The third week of July, roofing teams will go on each roof and complete a thorough inspection. They will submit a proposal for any needed repairs. The gutters and downspouts will also be inspected. As there are several clogged gutters and ones that need to be sealed at the seams. There is a minor roof leak in the school as well as one in McDonough Hall that also need to be addressed.

The school is being cleaned, sanitized and made ready for the new school year. We have also begun to paint the parish offices which have not been painted in nearly twenty years.

Thank you for your generosity this past year and in years past. We would not be able to do these needed repairs and capital improvements without you. As we get closer to the parish’s centennial in 2028, we continue to be good stewards of what has been entrusted to us.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these parish projects and our facilities, please feel free to call me at the parish office 708-383-3430 or email me at