On Monday, July 19th, an inspection of all our tile roofs and gutters on the campus was done. The initial report shows approximately 100 broken roof tiles that need to be replaced throughout the campus. There are a number of areas where the tiles have slid out of place and need to be repositioned and secured.

There is a loose gutter on the lower elevation of the roof closest to the bell tower that also needs to be secured. In the same area, there are many roof tiles that have slid out of place and will need to be secured. Also, failed caulking on the flashing in that area has caused some interior water damage over the arch near the Baptistery.

On both the Rectory and Frawley Building, several gutter liners have holes. The liners have been sealed, but the seal failed and those liners will need to be replaced. There are approximately 55 roof tiles on the Rectory that need to be removed, a water/ice barrier installed, and the tiles put back in place.

As we await the final report, these are some of the more urgent items that will require our attention before winter. Working with the Facilities and Finance Committees, we will prioritize what needs to be done now and what will have to be deferred maintenance.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our facilities, please feel free to call me at the parish office 708-383-3430 or email me at mbrophy@stgilesparish.org.


As Operations Director I oversee facilities on a general level as well as coordinate the major projects on the St. Giles campus. In the last few weeks, we have made some improvements and/or repairs that I would like to share.

CHURCH – There have been recurring problems related to the rest room. The sewer had frequent clogs and made the bathroom unusable. Excavation on the northeast side of Church revealed that tree roots had almost completely clogged the sewer line and the downspouts. The old sewer line was replaced and a clean out was added to the line for regular maintenance.

The carpet in the gathering space of church that previously had mold issues was replaced two weeks ago.

There is a leak in the roof over the 6th pew on the St. Joseph side and another over the arch of the baptistery. In the coming weeks, roofing company will do a thorough inspection of all our tile roofs and make any necessary repairs to the church roof. Several tiles must be replaced in the bell tower.

CORRIGAN (School building) – Phase 1 of our two-phase plumbing project in the mechanical room was completed July 2. The original water main on the interior of the building had developed leaks, was rusted out and could burst at any time. The Archdiocese Facilities and Construction office elevated the water pipe replacement to a high priority. The project included replacing the water main and installing an RPZ which is a back flow device to protect the drinking water and the village from contaminants. The RPZ was not part of the original plan. The total cost of this project is $33,455. Phase II of the project is planned for next year which consists of replacing the horizontal pipes for both the hot and cold-water feeds for all washroom facilities and sinks. Hopefully, the cost of copper will decrease in price by next summer.

The second major project is electrical. There is a ComEd transformer off the back of the parish offices that has an underground line feeding electricity to a central distribution electrical panel. The conduit under the alley has cracked or broken and water leaks into the conduit and reaches the central distribution panel in the basement of the Corrigan Building. The electrical service feeds Corrigan, Frawley, the Church and the Rectory. If this line fails, electricity could be out on our campus for several weeks. Due to the nature of this situation, the Archdiocese has elevated this to a high priority repair. We have been coordinating efforts with Ward Contractors, ComEd and several other contractors on the project.

The alley will have to be excavated and the line replaced or repaired and sealed in concrete. The main distribution panel will be relocated to an exterior wall on the east side of the Corrigan Building. The project is to be completed by August 6 depending on the availability of ComEd and the electrical supplies. The parish has set aside $110,000 for this project. Currently, we do not know the fees that both ComEd and the Village will charge for their work and the cost of the Village permit.

GLEESON – In February, large chunks of ice fell from the roof and damaged the AC Unit and the air handler. The unit cannot be repaired but will be replaced. In March, the Arch and the insurance company approved the purchase of the new unit. The unit is set to be delivered at the end of July and installed in early August.

GENERAL – The third week of July, roofing teams will go on each roof and complete a thorough inspection. They will submit a proposal for any needed repairs. The gutters and downspouts will also be inspected. As there are several clogged gutters and ones that need to be sealed at the seams. There is a minor roof leak in the school as well as one in McDonough Hall that also need to be addressed.

The school is being cleaned, sanitized and made ready for the new school year. We have also begun to paint the parish offices which have not been painted in nearly twenty years.

Thank you for your generosity this past year and in years past. We would not be able to do these needed repairs and capital improvements without you. As we get closer to the parish’s centennial in 2028, we continue to be good stewards of what has been entrusted to us.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these parish projects and our facilities, please feel free to call me at the parish office 708-383-3430 or email me at mbrophy@stgilesparish.org.