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CGS Students visited our Advent Circle Garden

December 2022

Advent was surely a time of joy and wonder for the children in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. In each atrium session the children pondered Messianic Prophecies, which seek to answer the question of, “Who is this Child?” – In Level 1, The Prophecy of Light and The Prophecy of the Mother; in Level 2, The Star and Scepter; and in Level 3 a synthesis of all five of the Messianic Prophecies, were presented.

The Infancy Narrative, The Visitation, was also presented to all three levels of atria. The children were captivated by this story of courage, joy and the gift of family. They reflected on the “yes” of these two holy women, Mary and Elizabeth, and for times we say “yes” to God.

The month ended with a visit to the Advent Circle Garden by the children and family members. This contemplative celebration of the season of Advent was the final preparation for the great gift of Jesus being born, as a popular atrium song tells us, “into our hearts.”

As we cautiously walk into the new year, while the world continues to change around us, may we always find peace in the unchanging loving embrace of the Good Shepherd.