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Seniors’ Breakfast with the Pastor

March 21, 2023

After the 8:30 am Mass, around 40 Seniors came over to McDonough Hall of St. Giles Campus for our annual Lenten “Breakfast with the Pastor”. Listening to the people’s chatter and laughter as they entered the hall and continued as they enjoyed a refreshing continental breakfast, you knew they were delighted to see one another.

Before our guest speaker was introduced, Father Carl offered a few thoughts about the Oak Park’s Catholic Churches Unification Progress. His insights are always appreciated.

Then Deacon John Walters, our guest speaker, was introduced. He shared with us via conversation and slide presentation his topic “Who Am I and What Is My Life About?”. He made us realize how infinitesimal small our planet is in our solar system and our solar system in the universe. Yet, in all of God’s creation, He created us. We are sons and daughters of God and made to be eternally happy with Him. Each of us must lead our life so that we reach that goal. John left us with many provocative thoughts to ponder during the remaining days of Lent.

Our next meeting will convene at 11:30 am on April 18 in Church. Two of our members, Denise Hartney and Russ Parker will conduct a tour of St. Giles with its interesting history. After that, we will gather in McDonough Hall for a brown bag lunch. Beverages will be provided. All are welcome!