Gospel Food for Hungry Christians

October 28 – December 20 from 10 to 11 am
Dore Parish Center, Room 309

We will sit together and simply listen as spiritual masters offer unique and stunning insights into the Word of God over the course of eight weeks. Come one day a week or all five days, always from 10 to 11 am. No discussion, just absorption!

For more information, call John at 708-227-2109.

  • Mondays – GREAT THEMES OF SCRIPTURE, with Richard Rohr. Instead of treating the Bible as a collection of isolated books, Rohr treats it as one inspired theology.
  • Tuesdays – IMAGES AND REFLECTIONS from the GOSPEL of MATTHEW, with Jack Shea. As we begin Lectionary Year A, Jack Shea’s marvelous scriptural and theological insights, along with the captivating stories and examples will relate Matthew’s gospel to contemporary Christian life in ways that are “preachable, teachable, and personal.”
  • Wednesdays – GREAT THEMES OF PAUL, with Richard Rohr. Rohr presents Paul’s all-embracing vision and invites us to enter into the Mystery of Christ and be transformed.
  • Thursdays – GOSPEL SPIRITUALITY, with Jack Shea. Get ready to have your perceptions changed! This extraordinary set of talks by theologian and storyteller Jack Shea explores the spirituality of Jesus himself.
  • Fridays – PATH TO THE PALACE OF NOWHERE: The Essential Guide to the Contemplative Teachings of Thomas Merton, with James Finley. Finley guides us beyond our preconceived ideas in order to discover the infinite love that life itself manifests.