After nearly two months of partnering with members of the parish to collect food and donations for those affected by Coronavirus, I am pleased to share our success. I would like to begin by expressing my gratitude for the generous parishioners who went out of their way to drop off donations at my home.

Our donations were able to reach various local groups and communities. We began our outreach with our Thanksgiving partner, Senior Suites of Belmont Cragin. After ensuring the residents were given the donations they need, we were introduced to two other senior living centers: Kelvyn Park and Austin. Due to the incredible response and kindness from our St. Giles Parish, we were able to give to provide steady donations to these centers for the last fifty days.

The first partner that we established during the project was Sr. Stephanie at The Our Lady of Angels Mission in Chicago. My daughter and I had the opportunity to spend a day at the mission collecting food donations to deliver to one of the assisted living homes we supported. Thank you to John Mullin and Marirose Ferrara for introducing us to the developing community food pantry. We were very impressed by their readiness to serve and their welcoming spirit!

The second partner we established was a local Feeding America representative. Our generous donations were able to be directly given to an Oak Park family to help fill their pantry with kid-friendly favorites!

Questions? – Call Elsa DePalma at 312-399-5201 or Sue Schreck at 312-834-1604

Thank you!
Sue Schreck