Re-Opening Volunteer Information


Can you come early to help before mass?
Can you stay late and help after mass?

At every sacrament, mass, prayer or worship gathering…
We need 2 greeters to welcome and check in attendees beforehand.
We need 2-3 cleaners to sanitize pews, etc. afterward.
These positions can be explained and learned on site.

Contact Alex Ryan, Mark Laboe or call the Parish office to learn more.
…or call the parish office 708-383-3430

St. Giles is our spiritual home, especially during this time of COVID-19: a place where we come to worship together, encounter God, and be nourished to go out into the world: to truly live the motto: Welcome, Worship and Walk the Way! Now more than ever, in order for St. Giles to continue to be open for gathering, we all need to work together!

Current Volunteers

For those who have completed the necessary volunteer training, this page will have the most updated information about re-opening team procedures, volunteer scheduling, and other events. Check here first to sign up to help with special services (baptisms, weddings, and funerals), double check the procedures, or see if there is any news.

CLICK HERE and Sign-Up for Special Services

New Volunteers

CLICK HERE and Join the Re-Opening Volunteer Team

Volunteers Needed – Many hands make light work! In order for our parish re-opening plan to be safely implemented, please consider being a volunteer. For your own health and safety, volunteers should be in a low risk population – under 65 and in good health. However, those over 65 may volunteer if you have no other conditions. It is important that all volunteers be free of any underlying medical condition, such as diabetes or lung disease, immune suppression or cancer treatment, etc.

If you are someone who can volunteer under these circumstances, we urge you to consider assisting with one of these three re-opening teams:

  • Set-up team – Sample duties include ensuring that all supplies needed for each sacramental celebration / gathering are ready for use, entrances and exits are marked and propped physically open prior to attendees’ arrival/departure, windows are opened, etc.
  • Greeting team – Sample duties include assisting in managing the flow of congregants as they enter the church, making sure attendees use hand sanitizer upon entering, are wearing a mask, and are reminded not to enter if ill; directing people to appropriate seating/waiting areas, etc.
  • Cleaning team – Sample duties include maintaining and cleaning essential and trafficked areas of the church before and after the church has been used. Masks and gloves will be provided, if you do not have your own, in addition to approved cleaning / disinfecting supplies.