Once again, we will be hitting the sidewalks and streets to ask for support for the more than 600 developmentally disabled residents who reside at Misericordia Home. Our volunteer corps is thinner this year and we’re looking for more generous and caring individuals to help. Fundraising is ongoing at Misericordia and this is one of their largest efforts.

Congress continues to debate ways in which the present health care system can be revised to cut costs. And Medicaid funding that supports the services the developmentally disabled require is an area that has been targeted. With this in mind, private fundraising continues to be of paramount importance.

So please let us know if you and anyone you know would be available to assist. We will accommodate your schedule. For further info and sign up, please contact us at the numbers below. On behalf of all of the residents at Misericordia we thank you very much.

Sherry and Nick Scouffas
708-848-9497 (home)
708-612-0679 (cell)

Therese Sabo
708-848-5230 (home)
708-341-8620 (cell)