St. Giles is Hosting the PADS Summer Transitional Program

July 9 through July 22 in the McDonough Hall

Once again, St. Giles will be hosting the PADS Summer Transitional Program. The program is designed to get fifteen individuals re-housed by fostering self-sufficiency. This is done by combining short-term shelter with intensive case management and supportive services to a small group of homeless individuals.

How can you help?  Both meal providers and onsite volunteers are needed.

Weekly Breakfast OR Lunch Provider – Purchase breakfast or lunch supplies for up to 15 guests for the week and drop off on Monday evening. A list will be provided. Great for a family/group to do.

Dinner Provider – Provide dinner, drinks and dessert for up to 15 guests at 6:30 pm. The dinner can be drop-off ready or prepared onsite with the clients.

Onsite Morning Volunteers – Morning from 5:30 to 7:30 am. Oversee breakfast & clean-up

If you are interested in helping with this important program, here is a link for details and sign-up. Although the address is complicated, the process is simple:

Or contact Maureen Hunter for more details. or (708) 250-0686