Ministry of Care

We are called, We are chosen, We are Christ for one another…

The St. Giles Ministry of Care is a dedicated group of individuals who regularly bring Communion to those who are homebound, who live in nursing homes, may be recovering from illness or are disabled. Due to Covid-19, our services have been greatly impacted – and it has been a sorrow for all the volunteers. One thing we have learned from the pandemic is how much we all suffer when we are unable to participate in community and receive the sacraments – and in particular, frequent Holy Communion.

Some have been doing this work throughout the pandemic, but we are eager to resume on a larger scale. We need your loving hearts and open hands! As Ministers of Care, we bridge the gap when friends and families experience challenging circumstances, and as bearers of Christ Light, care for others by not only bringing the Eucharist, but by visiting, listening, and sharing the love of God with each other.

Maybe you are not able to offer physical help but you may be able to write notes of encouragement, or make wellness check-in-phone calls. Remember that as we bring God’s tender mercy to others, we also carry the hope of God in contradiction to the despair of the world.

Thank you to all who are currently serving as Ministers of Care and we are grateful to the Holy Spirit for your consideration in joining our present team.

For details please contact Tatia (, Annette (, Alex ( or Deacon John ( You can also call our Parish Office at 708-383-3430 for more information.