Pope Francis has always had a very special devotion to Mary, Undoer of Knots. In 2015, when he visited the US, outside the chapel of the Cathedral Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul in Philadelphia, a spiritual art installation was created where people could tie white strips of paper with written prayers on them to a latticework (see photo below). The petitions ranged from healing for themselves or family members, world peace, the elimination of poverty, protection for the environment, the preservation of families and thousands of other requests to “undo the knots” of these issues.

While we are not able to recreate this exactly, we are blessed with many healthy, young trees in the parish courtyard and would like to encourage all parishioners and welcome all others who would like to, to write a prayer petition on a strip of ribbon or paper (any color) and stop by the courtyard to tie these on the branch of one of the trees there. Please make sure to give other visitors a safe social distance while leaving your petition. We’d like to include these petitions collectively in each Mass going forward and keep everyone updated with photos of our growing prayer space: #togetherstgiles.

VIRTUAL PRAYER RIBBONSFamily and friends who don’t live in the area may leave a Virtual Prayer Ribbon – Please share your petition online BY CLICKING HERE for the Prayer Ribbons @ St. Giles courtyard prayer space. It will be included among all of the petitions being lifted up in the prayers of our parishioners and our weekend liturgies. Peace, light and hope to you!

If you have questions, please email us at