St. Giles and St. Luke Schools Queen Of Hearts 50/50 Raffle FAQs

How much are tickets? -1 ticket for $5

What information is needed on the tickets? – You must write your full name, phone number and the number of the card you would like picked. You may pick different numbers for each purchased ticket.

Do I get a claim ticket? – No. Your name and number is enough. You will need to show ID to claim your prize.

Is there a limit on the number of tickets that I can purchase? – No. You may purchase as many ticket as you would like.

Can I buy tickets online? – No. Tickets can only be purchased with cash or check at St. Giles, St. Luke and O’Sullivan’s Public House. Make checks payable to “St. Luke Parish – Raffle”.

Do I need to be present to win? – No. If your card is the Queen of Hearts, you win. If your ticket is drawn and it is not the Queen of Hearts, you need to be present to claim the $100 consolation prize.

Do you have to be a member or can anyone play? – Anyone over the age of 18 can play.

Are my tickets good for the entire game? – No. The tickets that you purchase are only good for that week’s drawing. If there is not a winner and you want to play again the following week you must purchase new tickets.

Do I win the full jackpot if I pick the Queen of Hearts? – No. The winner will receive 50% of the jackpot. The other 50% is evenly split between St. Giles School and St. Luke School.

When and where is the ticket drawing? – The drawing will take place every Monday evening at 7 pm at O’Sullivan’s Public House, 7244 Madison Street, Forest Park, IL. The first drawing was held Monday, January 6.

If I win do you take taxes out? – Yes. We are required to withhold taxes for any prize over $600. The feds get 28%, and the state gets 5%.

What happens if you pick a ticket and it is not filled out correctly? – It is the players responsibility to make sure that their ticket is filled out correctly. If we pull a ticket and it is missing information or cannot be read it will be discarded and another ticket will be picked. Please take your time and double check your tickets before turning them in.

What happens if I win and do not answer the phone when you call? – We understand that people work different schedules and may not answer the phone. We just ask that you call us back the next day.

The full set of Queen of Hearts Raffle rules is available on the St. Giles School and St. Luke School websites or below in PDF format. Printed copies are also available at O’Sullivan’s Public House, 7244 Madison Street in Forest Park.

Queen of Hearts Raffle Rules (PDF)