Renew My Church
Dreaming Big about the Archdiocese of Chicago




This week, I am sharing a letter sent to our four Oak Park parishes from Bishop Manz. The letter outlines a time frame for our parishes to begin the Renew My Church, or RMC, process. The Renew My Church mission has as its priorities making disciples, evangelization and vocations, building communities, leadership development, mission vitality, operating stability, and finally, inspiring witness by our faith in action. All of these priorities stem from this fact, WE ARE CALLED BY JESUS CHRIST!

The journey is meant to be spiritual, bringing people to a life-giving relationship in Jesus Christ, as well as the necessary changes that are needed in the structure and operations of our parishes. This is a quick overview of much of what RMC will require of each parish as we enter the process this June.

Please read the letter below and join me in praying that the Holy Spirit, always with us, gives us wisdom, courage and guidance as we move toward this process.

With you a Christian. For you a priest.
Father Carl MorelloPastor of St. Giles Parish


St. Giles is in a grouping with St. Catherine-St. Lucy, Ascension, St. Edmund, St. Bernadine, St. Luke and St. Vincent Ferrer.

In early November 2019, staff members and many in roles of parish leadership met with a member of the Archdiocese to learn how Renew My Church should be considered as we move forward with our 2025 vision for our faith community. What became clear for us are the many challenges we face, one being listening and responding to the mistrust and hurt feelings that folks raised toward the leadership in the Archdiocese, and all the way to Rome. Yet, there is such great hope as we see the many gifts and strengths of our parish leaders, all of whom will help us respond to the many challenges we continue to face. One very important consideration as we plan and move forward will be how we address the issue of folks who have no faith or community affiliation in our own neighborhoods? Along with this, how do we change hearts of many who come to church for “what’s in it for me,” rather than participating with the people of God so they can be transformed into disciples. In other words, do we come to church, Mass, to be changed? Lots to think about and consider.