RMC – Meet Our Unification Team

In recent bulletins, we presented the bios and contact information of our Unification Team members. The Team includes members from both St. Catherine of Siena – St Lucy and St. Giles. Check them out, get to know them, and if you have any questions or comments, reach out to them!

Pat Carew

  • Contact: 847-530-8413 – pat@enerstar.net
  • Parish Affiliation: St. Giles
  • I am married to Kathleen Mullaney and we have two children, Maria (24) and Brendan (22). Kathleen and I met when she was my French teacher in college (Ok, I got a B). I grew up in Arlington Heights (somebody had to) and I own a small industrial water treatment business. I have been involved in a number of things at St. Giles over the years: St. Giles Men’s Society, Junior High RE/Confirmation Prep, Retreads Charity Basketball, Respect Life, PPC, Refugee Ministry, Parish Block Party, Altar Server, Lector, Baptism Prep, PADS and RCIA. I come to the unification team with excitement at being co-parishioners with so many new wonderful people. I love parish life and to have new friends to share it with and a new sacred space to call home thrills every part of me.
  • Something you might remember: During Covid I took up Bollywood movies and then Bollywood dance lessons. I may have taken it too far because last fall I ended up performing with a Bollywood dance group at a fundraiser for a girls school in Pakistan.

Kathy Flanagan

  • Contact: 312-659-2789 – kathymflan@aol.com
  • Parish Affiliation: St. Giles
  • I am the oldest of six children raised in a devout Catholic family in Marywood, Illinois, near Aurora. My father was one of the first lay deacons ordained following Vatican II. I’ve been married to Flan Flanagan for 54 years, and we have two married daughters and four teenage grandchildren. For 30 years I worked in corporate communications. For the last 20 years I have been an executive coach and consultant in organization development and leadership. I studied these topics at Loyola’s graduate school and in a 12-week executive program at Harvard. Eight years ago, I became a parishioner of St. Giles where I am a member of the Family Mass community. I am someone who usually can see the forest for the trees, loves to participate in forming a shared vision of new possibilities, and develops communications that engage people in finding shared solutions.
  • What will make me remember you? In our early years of marriage, my husband and I each had a Kawasaki motorcycle. Mine was a Kaw 500, which was a powerful bike at the time and very heavy. I was proud to be able to keep it standing upright whenever we stopped for gas. We went on several camping trips through New England, circling the Great Lakes, and visiting Washington, DC.

Ginny Jones

  • Contact: 773-379-8423 – v.m.jones@hotmail.com
  • Parish Affiliation: St. Catherine of Siena – St. Lucy
  • My husband, George, and I joined the parish in 1974 as we prepared for our wedding. Through a blended family, we have six adult children, 12 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren scattered across the US and Europe. Over the decades, I have been a parish bingo caller (long ago), a Lector, Eucharistic minister, member of the Parish Council, on the Renew My Church Committee, holiday bazaar bakery booth organizer, donut days worker, and coordinator of the AAHC brunches as well as other Maguire hall gatherings — just a worker bee. I bring historical knowledge of our journey through RMC and a spirit of optimism and hope for the renaissance of the SCSL parish as we unify with our St. Giles brethren.
  • Anecdote: I am the wife of the vivacious George, who enjoys baking muffins and cakes which he shares with parish staff and friends. You will often find me in the Maguire Hall kitchen during parish events.

Miles Jackson

  • Contact: 708-445-0299 – miles.jackson@gmail.com
  • Parish Affiliation: St. Catherine of Siena – St. Lucy
  • I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. My dad just retired as a Deacon at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • My wife Cheryl Jackson and I have been residents of Oak Park for 26 years and members of SCSL for 20 years. Before coming to SCSL, we attended church in Chicago. Cheryl taught the Children’s Liturgy, and I was a member of the Pastoral Council. At SCSL, Cheryl served for five years as a catechist, working with 2nd and 4th level students teaching in the Religious Education Program and a member of SCSL Pastoral Council.
  • Our twin daughters, Skylar and Sydney Jackson, were confirmed at SCSL. Skylar graduated with honors from DePaul University in 2021, and Sydney graduated from the University of Chicago in 2021 with honors. Skylar is starting graduate school at UIC in 2022. Sydney was the founder of the Roses for Austin Program at the school in 2016. Sydney and Skylar worked together in the Roses for Austin Program, still in existence today.
  • I was also a member of the Lucienne House Committee, the SCSL Pastoral Council in 2012 and most recently was the contact for Donut Days taking over for Pierre Priestly, who served in this role for many years.
  • As an African American male in the Catholic Church, I will be a voice for all people who believe in Christ.
  • What will make me remember you? Some parishioners of SCSL used to call me Peter. Peter Barber is another African American male in the church who also has two daughters of similar ages to my daughters, Skylar and Sydney Jackson. I am a runner and have participated in the Petit Indoor Marathon Relay for 12 consecutive years.

Mark Laboe

  • Contact: 773-294-6797 – markjlaboe@gmail.com
  • Parish Affiliation: St. Giles
  • I have been a St. Giles parishioner since 1998, months before the first of my four children was born. All four of my children passed through St. Giles School and are now college-aged or beyond. My wife, Paula, and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this past April.
  • I have been working as an Associate Vice President for Mission and Ministry at DePaul University since 2005, having served previously as the Executive Director of Amate House, with the Archdiocese of Chicago.
  • I received a Doctorate in Ministry (D.Min.) from Catholic Theological Union in Chicago in 2019, a Masters in Divinity from Loyola University’s Institute for Pastoral Studies in 1998, and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Theology in 1989.
  • I am eager and enthused to be a part of the Unification team. While change can be challenging, I am always inspired and motivated to envision the future and what is possible. In my own understanding, this includes thinking in new ways about how we understand Church and parish.
  • I am also hoping to recruit some St. Catherine-St. Lucy’s parishioners who might be “ringers” to join my team in our annual Retreads basketball league!

Andrea Legatzke

  • Contact: 708-205-0218 – alegatzke@sbcglobal.net
  • Parish Affiliation: St. Catherine of Siena – St. Lucy
  • My husband, Steve, and I joined St. Catherine-St. Lucy in 1992. We have two adult daughters who were baptized at St. Catherine-St. Lucy. I am excited to see how the Holy Spirit moves in unifying our new Parish Family.
  • What will make me remember you? I have a twin sister who also attends St. Catherine-St. Lucy.

LaTrice Porter-Thomas

  • Contact: 708-989-1429 – lporter3@yahoo.com
  • Parish Affiliation: St. Catherine of Siena – St. Lucy
  • I am a life-long resident of the Austin community; born and raised. My family has been members of SCSL church for over 40 years. I am a 1984 graduate of SCSL grammar school, a 1988 graduate of Trinity High School and a 1993 graduate of Purdue University. I am a proud Boilermaker and am still an active and supportive alum. I live in North Austin with my husband, a Chicago Police Officer; my son, a 2020 Fenwick graduate and soon to be a 3rd year college student at St Norbert College where he’s on the football team; and my mother who is newly retired from West Suburban Hospital. I also have a daughter who lives in Minnesota with my two granddaughters; ages 5 and 4. I currently work for Cook County Health as the System Environmental Health Manager in the Safety Office. My office is responsible for ensuring the safety of the environment for all staff, patients and visitors at Cook County Health facilities.
  • What will make me remember you? I am an alto member of the SCSL Praise Choir, along with my mother who, because we look so much alike, is frequently thought to be my sister. I love to run and can sometimes be seen running through the streets of South Oak Park in the very early mornings before work.

Ed Siderewicz

  • Contact: 312-560-7154 – edsiderewicz@gmail.com
  • Parish Affiliation: St. Giles
  • I’ve been part of the St. Giles community for eight years and participate in the Family Mass. After experiencing life as a DeLaSalle Christian Brother for 38 years, my wife, Marci Madary and I just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. I’m passionate about education, sports and photography.
  • What will make me remember you? I ride a motorcycle back and forth from Chicago to Mexico City for vacation. 🙂

Renee M. Smith-Quinn

  • Contact: 708-284-5632 – rsmithquinn@aol.com
  • Parish Affiliation: St. Catherine of Siena – St. Lucy
  • I have been a member of SCSL since 1979. I had a hard time leaving St. Mel-Holy Ghost parish, but I eventually did. I have served on several committees over the years, most recently as a religious educator, liturgy committee member, Eucharistic minister, and Lector minister.
  • My husband and I chose to leave Chicago and settle in Oak Park because of its diverse community. Our children, John-Kenyun and Jemaria, received the sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, Eucharist, and Confirmation here at SCSL.
  • As a retired public school special educator of 30 plus years. I have had many opportunities to interact with families and educators regarding differences of opinions and opposite mindsets. It is for this reason and others that I believe I can be an effective member of SCSL-St. Giles’ Unification Team. I look forward to assisting in building the Christian parish that we desire. We have a unique opportunity to work together and build our church step by step. I envision our parishioners collectively seeking God through praise and worship, prayer and service to all, within and outside of our community.
  • What will make me remember you? I cannot think of anything that would make you remember me except that I have a quick smile and that I can talk about my beloved granddaughter, Zoe, for hours. She is four years old, was also baptized at SCSL and will prayerfully receive her other sacraments in our newly created church building, as yet to be named. Please contact me in order that we may discuss all suggestions and concerns regarding the church in which you want to be an active participant.

Sharon Zinkula

  • Contact: 708-203-3402 – sazinkula@comcast.net
  • Parish Affiliation: St. Giles
  • I’ve been attending St. Giles since shortly after my husband, Joseph Flowers, and I moved to Oak Park in 1995. Our daughter, Lauren, received her sacraments here from Baptism through Confirmation. I’m excited to be a member of the unification team because I think each parish community has much to bring to the other. I am so hopeful!
  • What will make me remember you? I was so shy that I was almost held back in kindergarten because I wouldn’t talk to anyone.