RMC – New Parish Name Suggestion Form

Unified Parish of St. Catherine-St. Lucy and St. Giles

Dear Parishioners,

You are invited to be part of this exciting opportunity of naming our parish, newly unified through the Renew My Church (RMC) process. Please take some time to review the following information and keep this process in your prayers.

As part of the naming process below you are being asked for your preference or suggestion of a new parish name. We have the opportunity to continue with a modified form of the temporary name, decreed July 1, or to establish a new identity for the parish community as outlined below:

Renew My Church Temporary Name

  • St. Catherine of Siena – St Lucy and St. Giles Parish.
  • Please note that church buildings are consecrated spaces that keep their current names. The naming process described here relate to the name of our Parish community boundaries.

Timetable and Naming Process:

  • All parishioners are invited to submit preferences and ideas from September 10 through September 25.
  • Parishioner input will be consolidated down to a short list of names for RMC leadership to consider.
  • Please note rationale for a suggested name is as important as the name itself.
  • A name may pass screening because of a compelling justification.
  • All parishioners are then invited to indicate their survey preferences (pending the outcome of the suggestion phase).
  • The Presbyteral Council will screen the submitted names.
  • The Cardinal selects a unified parish name.


Let’s show our enthusiasm by inspiring the Cardinal with our ideas as he discerns the future names of our unified parish.

Fr. Carl Morello
Pastor of the Unified Parish of St. Catherine-St. Lucy and St. Giles


  1. Online using the form linked below,
  2. Fill out a paper form (pdf format linked below) and turn it in to the parish office at 1025 Columbian Avenue on the St. Giles Campus.
  3. Or call the parish office at 708-383-3430 during business hours when you can reach a live staff person by phone, and they will input the information for you.
  4. The deadline for submission is 11:59 pm, Sunday, September 25, 2022.

Online Name Suggestion Form

OR – Print / Submit Paper Form (PDF Format)