Dear St. Giles Families,

As a faith-based community and one that has worked hard to foster diversity and address issues of racism with our students, it saddens us to see all of the destruction and violence that has taken place since the horrific death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week. Sadly, this is not the first but most recent event that has sparked an outbreak of violence and destruction in many of our communities.

We pray for the great power of the Holy Spirit to help peace to prevail over the anger, hurt, and hopelessness that many are feeling during these difficult days. People must be allowed to express themselves peacefully without fear of the violent response of others. The demands for justice must be met with peace, or the chaos will continue. The challenges before us now need more than prayer, but for individuals to put true leadership that is most needed into action. Cardinal Cupich, on behalf of the Archdiocese, has released a statement – CLICK HERE to read it.

Please know that St Giles will continue our work in addressing racism and teaching tolerance through our work with Linal Harris and Jessica Oladapo, who partnered with us this year and will continue in the fall. We know that there is a need for healing, recognition of pain and feelings of others, and call to action on the part of our entire community. We are a community of faith that values everyone and recognizes that we, too, can do better.

We would like to share these resources with you to help begin or guide your discussions as a family and encourage everyone to speak to your children about these important issues. We know that we have been dealing with a pandemic of not just a virus, but issues that have been impacting not just St. Giles but all communities for far too long.

In prayer and with heavy hearts,
Fr. Carl and Meg Bigane