This Advent, Welcome the Refugee!

A clear voice for Truth, Justice, and Peace
Dominican Sisters serve at the United States-Mexico border

Why can’t we put ourselves in their shoes?
Have we decided they are not our neighbor?

Join Dominican Sisters Evie Storto (a St. Giles graduate), Julie Schwab, Erica Jordan, Reg McKillip, Judy Seiberlich, Peggy Ryan, Bernadine Karge, and Associate Mary Goonan for a panel discussion about their very personal experiences of working with refuges and asylum seekers at Casa de Refugiado Center, El Paso, Texas.

Tuesday, December 10
7 pm in the McDonough Hall

“There are so many stories we could share. Many are heart-wrenching, especially when they are about divided families or violence that led to the death of family members in their home countries. One woman from El Salvador told me today, “We have lost everything; now we start over again.” And we know the reality that many will have their asylum cases denied and will have to return to their home countries. It’s so hard to accept that such cruelty can happen after they have suffered so much.”  – Erica Jordan, OP 

Image: Refugees: La Sagrada Familia, copyright © Kelly Latimore, OFM.