Father Carl have made plans for some future trips that require him to look ahead, order tickets and keep his schedule free from those many commitments that need to be arranged in advance. That being said, consider join him and others on one or more of the following trips!

July 26 – August 5, 2020The Passion Play at Oberammergau! – It only happens every ten years! —- Budapest, Prague, Nurnberg, and a Rhine River Cruise.

Have you ever thought about seeing the Passion Play in the little village of Oberammergau Germany? Here’s your chance! Father Carl is organizing a trip to see this once every ten year play which will take place again in 2020. We will also visit Budapest, Bratislava and Prague along the way, as well as other cities in Germany. The 2020 Passion Play is expected to be the most spectacular Christian travel event of the decade! This will continue the 400 year-old tradition of the village honoring their oath to God to put on such a play in gratitude for being spared from the Black Plague. There will be all new costumes, scenery, and a cast of over 2,000 participants from the village. The 2020 Passion Play will be like no other and will rival the showmanship of any Hollywood production. Don’t miss this opportunity to travel with Father Carl to Oberammergau!

There are a limited number of spaces still available in our group which includes Fr. Tom May from Saint Mary’s in Riverside. Our travel dates are July 26 through August 5, 2020. It will be the experience of a lifetime.

Please contact the Parish Center at 708-383-3430 for more information.

It’s good to think and plan ahead!! Copies of each of these brochures can be picked up at the Parish Center. Consider joining us for the travel options offered on these very interesting trips.