Summer Mission Appeal

July 27-28 at all Masses

One weekend each summer, Churches in the Archdiocese of Chicago are asked to welcome a Missionary, listen to their experiences and collect funds for their good works. On the weekend of July 27-28, St. Giles will welcome Sr. Magdalena Chubwa of the JUDEA Foundation. Following is a brief description of their work in Tanzania.

Boys and girls kidnapped walking to school. Elders abandoned and malnourished. One village clinic that serves 200,000 people. Young people looking at a jobless future. Women who want to help their families rise out of poverty, but who lack resources and training. A dismal picture indeed! But one that can be turned around.

JUDEA Foundation, under the auspices of the Catholic Diocese of Kigoma, Tanzania, provides funds for healthcare, seniors, education, and entrepreneurship.

The weekend’s appeal will ask for donations for construction of a local high school in Nguruka village where secondary school students have no means of getting to school because of their village’s remote location. The villagers themselves have begun construction of the high school, but work has been halted for lack of funds. JUDEA, through the generosity of the Catholic community, is stepping in to make this high school a reality.