Pope Francis is inviting the laity worldwide to participate in the 2021-2023 Synod by offering our reflections on journeying together as the Universal Church in the areas of Communion, Participation, and Mission. Visit the special Synod webpage on the Archdiocese of Chicago website linked below to learn more about the Synod and to offer your reflection for the Holy Father on Communion, Participation, and Mission.

Please use the 2021-2023 Synod Reflection / Response Online Form linked below to participate and send your submission. Also, the Parish Councils of our Oak Park Grouping will be providing a hard copy of the same response page (also available below in PDF format) for parishioners to fill out and drop in a box at weekend liturgies. We appreciate all forms (online submissions OR hard copy forms) returned by March 13 so they can be collated and sent to the Archdiocese. By having an opportunity to voice your thoughts (even if anonymously), you will also provide all of us in the Oak Park Grouping to know where our parishioners would like us to begin as we forge new relationships and develop our new Parish identities.

Please join in this process as we journey together guided by the Holy Spirit!

Synod 2021-2023 – Online Survey

Synod 2021-2023 – PDF Form

Archdiocesan Website – Synod Resources