Organ Notes

YouTube Video – St. Giles Organ Renovation

This video provides more information on our organ renovation project, as well as some great visuals to help us all have a better understanding of the current condition of our church’s instrument and how we hope to rebuild it. Check it out!

Staff1Music has always been an important part of Mass and our celebrations here at Saint Giles. Since I arrived over six years ago, it was clear that the original organ had problems and was being used less and less. I also discovered over the years that the original installation in 1949 was done in a way that limits access to the chambers, thereby making it virtually impossible to adequately address repair issues.

I think many, if not all, of you will agree that in a church as beautiful and majestic as ours, a good organ and its sounds are complementary to any service and celebrations here in church… As I am often in other large and beautiful worship spaces, I hear the difference that a good organ instrument makes in the prayer and celebration of those gathered, whatever the occasion. It stirs the soul in a way you cannot explain, but only feel.

Father Carl Morello

Organ Notes – Arrow on May 22, 2016 – From the Music Director


A well built, well-maintained pipe organ can last hundreds of years. It is not only a work of musical artistry from the combination of stops selected to make up its sound, but also from a visual perspective both inside and out. When one looks inside a well built organ, one sees thousands of working parts that are masterfully engineered.

Here are some additional “fun facts” about our organ project:

  • It will take 9,000 hours to build our organ.
  • Construction will take 9 months.
  • Installation will take 8 weeks.
  • Tonal finishing will take 6 weeks.
  • The organ will be individually made for St. Giles’ unique environment and liturgical needs.
  • The pipe organ is an object of artistic value in an era of disposability.

Coming soon – a short video demonstration of our current organ!

Sue Kaszynski, Music Director