Sponsored by the Spirit and Light Lifelong Learning Committee

This year, “Theology on Green” will focus on the ways different people are “Living their Catholic Faith” – “Theology on the Green” will be held in the Saint Giles Courtyard on Tuesdays at 7 pm (McDonough Hall if raining) – Light refreshments will be offered.

Living our Catholic Faith: Navigating Secularism

Tuesday, July 23 at 7 pm

Saint Giles Campus – Courtyard

Speaker – Rich Kordesh

What does it mean to live in a “secular “society? How do we, as Christians, experience different kinds of secular space? God is still there, the Kingdom is still at hand, but how do we acknowledge that, or even work the language of faith into our discourse in it? As our traditional faith institutions struggle for renewal, how does our encounter with, and understanding of, secularism shape our visions for this rejuvenation?

This session will engage participants in a consideration of contemporary secularism: what it is, and how we experience it.

Rich Kordesh has a long-term interest in the religious, political and psychological forces that shape the Christian journey in a secular society. During the past several years, he’s been sharing his own journey in a series of articles in the Oak Park Wednesday Journal. Mr. Kordesh has a Ph.D. in Political Science, and an MSW degree with a concentration in Community Development and Planning. Richard is the father of four adult children and has five grandchildren. He and his wife, Maureen, have been married for 39 years. He sings in the Ascension Choir and serves on the Oak Park Catholic Parishes’ Lifelong Learning Committee, as well as the Spirit and Light Leadership Team.

Light refreshments will be served and be sure to bring a chair. See you on the Green!

Living our Catholic Faith: Springtide Research

Tuesday, July 9 at 7 pm

Saint Giles Campus – McDonough Hall

Speaker – Brother Armand Alcazar, FSC

How do young people live their faith? Gen. Z (or iGens) don’t seem to fit the stereotype of what we used to think about teens. How do they differ, what are their needs and how does their faith (or non-faith) link into their mental health? Is there something we can do to best accompany them? Together we will learn from the research from Springtide and consider how it applies to our Catholic communities in the Oak Park area.

Springtide is a leading national research team studying and writing about the needs, behaviors and trends of young people, ages of 13-25, particularly at the cross hairs of their spirituality and mental health.

Brother Armand Alcazar, FSC is a retired a professor of theology from Christian Brothers University and Lewis University. Presently, he is involved in “the Lasallian Legacy Project”- collecting the oral histories of the Brothers. He is also a presenter for Springtide. Brother Armand gives presentations and retreats internationally on various topics. When not presenting he enjoys singing and playing the piano, cooking, tennis and golf, not necessarily in that order nor at the same time.

Light refreshments will be served and be sure to bring a chair. See you on the Green!

Upcoming Theology on the Green

  • Tuesday, July 30 – Rebecca Leven will offer faith-filled ways to support peace between Israel and Palestine.