Men’s Society Smoker

The Men of Giles will have a time/place to hang out and do what guys like to do on a Friday night. It’s the Inaugural Men’s Society Smoker, which will be held on Friday night, May 19 in McDonough Hall.

When you look up “smoker” in the dictionary, the (third) definition reads “an informal gathering, especially of men, for entertainment, discussion, and the like.” That definition perfectly captures our objective for our Inaugural Smoker.

We will have great food – smoked or BBQ’d meat and sides prepared by Giles men – and drink – served by Giles men. There will be an entertaining program featuring Giles men, including an honoring of our first Giles Man of the Year (identity withheld, for now). There will be conversation, music, cards, and (for those interested) cigars (enjoyed in the fresh air).

The only condition for attendance? Being a Giles man.

The Smoker is free! The Men of Giles want every man to join us, and do not want cost to be an impediment for any of you. But we do need you to register now in order to get a headcount.  To do so, just CLICK HERE.

In order to defray the costs of The Smoker, we invite you to make a contribution of $25/person. We are also inviting you to be a Champion of The Smoker by sponsoring a table of eight Giles men. You can do either by using the link above.

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