Housing Forward


Housing Forward’s (PADS) – Housing Forward has provided many services in addition to its emergency shelter program. In 2015, to better reflect their work and their mission of solving homelessness, West Suburban PADS changed its name to Housing Forward. These impressive 2015 numbers (rounded) illustrate the impact of Housing Forward as it works diligently to solve homelessness.

  • 800 individuals received PREVENTION assistance ending a crisis before they became homeless.
  • 500 individuals received 12,000 nights of SHELTER.

Volunteers can assist in a number of projects throughout the year for Housing Forward, from weekly overnight shelters around the Oak Park area via PADS, to summer transitional programs held at St. Giles, to collection of household items for the “House to Home Kits” program. Contact Maureen Hunter for more information at maureen.hunter@comcast.net.