Family Mass Community

Mass in the Courtyard with the Family Mass


About Our Family Mass Community

Begun over 40 years ago in the spirit of Vatican II, the Family Mass Community transformed and grew within the larger St. Giles Parish. People are attracted to Family Mass Community for:

  • Compelling and child-friendly Sunday Liturgy that combines beautiful music, powerful homilies and personal petitions into a memorable experience.
  • A small and highly involved community where people know each other and interact with warmth and friendship as we walk together on our journey of faith.
  • Preparation of each liturgy, including reflection on the Sunday Scripture readings, by the community in small groups.
  • Sacraments that are integrated in Sunday Masses with the larger community.
  • Pastoral ministries almost entirely managed by church members such as bereavement, social justice and lay preaching.
  • Programs that join with the larger St. Giles Church to support children and youth such as Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and youth ministry.

Our weekly Mass on Sundays at 10 am are held at St. Giles School Corrigan Gym (in McDonough Hall of the Gleeson Building during the summer months). For a simple finding and overview of how our church, school and buildings are located or distributed, please CLICK HERE to see our Google and Campus Maps.