Prayer Shawl Ministry



Dear St. Giles Parish,

The St. Giles Prayer Shawl Ministers have continued to create, bless, and distribute prayer shawls throughout the pandemic. There are a large number and variety of shawls, lap blankets, mini-shawls, and scarves available at the Parish Center for those suffering or for those celebrating a joyous event.

To receive a shawl, call the Parish Center (708-383-3430) and leave a message. One of the staff members or a Prayer Shawl Minister will return your call and set up a time to meet you. If that will not work for you, let the staff member know and one of the Prayer Shawl Ministers will plan to get one to you.

The members continue to meet monthly by Zoom and hope to meet face-to-face in May. We continue to add new members.

Finally, many thanks to Charlotte Walsh who has completed her 100th prayer shawl. Thank you to all the others who have also made 100 prayer shawls but did not count.

May you all be wrapped in God’s love,
Margie Rudnik, for the St. Giles Prayer Shawl Ministry

Over the centuries, shawls have come to symbolize shelter, peace and spiritual sustenance. Our Prayer Shawl Ministers lovingly donate their time and talents by creating hand-knitted and crocheted shawls and lap blankets for those suffering and those celebrating life’s most joyous events. They provide warmth and embrace the recipient through the prayers and presence of a loving St. Giles parish and the presence of a loving God.

The St. Giles Prayer Shawl Ministers knit or crochet their shawls at home and then gather on the 2nd Monday of the month from 1 to 2:30 pm at the Parish Center, to work on their shawls, pray for the recipients and enjoy each other’s company. The shawls are then blessed before they are sent to those in need.

You do not have to be experienced in knitting or crocheting as training and instructions will be provided as needed. So, if you are interested in sharing your time, talent and prayers, think about joining the Prayer Shawl Ministry. An evening gathering can be formed if there is a need.

Do You Know Someone Who Is In Need Of A Prayer Shawl Or Lap Blanket?

Perhaps he/she is dealing with a serious medical problem, dealing with grief for a loved one or going through a difficult time in life right now. Perhaps you know a family celebrating a wedding or the birth of a baby.

If you would like to request a shawl for someone please call the Dore Parish Center at 708-383-3430, or e-mail at

There is never a charge for a prayer shawl but donations are accepted. All donations are used to buy yarn for more shawls and lap blankets that will give comfort to more of our brothers and sisters in need of God’s love and grace.

If you have any questions or would like to join the Prayer Shawl Ministry please call the Parish Center at 708-383-3430.