Parish Pastoral Council – PPC


The purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council is to exercise shared responsibility for the pastoral life of the parish under the leadership of the pastor. The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) meets monthly in open meetings and is charged with providing Fr. Carl with guidance and support in meeting the present and future goals and visions of the parish.

The PPC exists to:

  • Assist the Pastor by making recommendations about major initiatives concerning St. Giles’ financial health, maintenance and utilization of the campus, work of the ministries, parishioner satisfaction, and smooth parish operations;
  • Ensure that needs and visions of parishioners are realized through a regular assessment of the short- and long-term parish needs and development of plans to meet goals;
  • Build relationships within and beyond the St. Giles community through participation and active roles in ministries and committees so that the group can serve as the collective voice of parishioners.

The PPC is made up of parish volunteers who are chosen through a discernment process and agree to serve for a three-year term beginning in September of each year. The Council prayerfully engages the people and the pastor in common reflection about the parish’s mission and ministry. It plans and evaluates in light of the Gospel and church teaching.

One of the jobs of PPC members is to attend ministry/committee meetings to enhance communication between and among the various ministries and initiatives. The PPC also seeks to get feedback from parishioners in the pews who may not be active in various aspects of parish life. So if you have any questions or ideas you wish to share, please don’t hesitate to stop one of us after Mass or at a parish function. The following are the current members.

Maudette Carr (Chair)
Ed Siderewicz (Vice-Chair)
Pat Carew
Marci Madary
Kathleen Mullaney
Margaret Murphy
Alex Ryan
Maria Samatas