St. Giles Utilities Fund

Utility costs have skyrocketed for all, St. Giles included. February’s natural gas bill was close to $14,000. We have not received the gas bill for the parish offices for February so it may more than $14,000. The parish budget for natural gas was $20,063 for the entire fiscal year July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022, leaving us over budget by $29,861 for the first 8 months. Electricity costs for the first 8 months are $39,507 leaving us $27,094 over budget for electric.

Your generosity to the Utilities Fund via the green envelope in your monthly envelope packet or through GiveCentral (link below) will help us defray these costs of keeping St. Giles warm this winter and cool this summer. Thank you for your consideration and thoughtfulness!

Contribute to our Utilities Fund Online