Mass Intentions for 2022 – Those wishing to schedule a Mass for the intention of someone who has died or for any special intentions may contact the Parish Center to do so by calling at 708-383-3430 or by email Masses will be scheduled on a first-come basis.

There are now three intentions open for each Mass, except where the intention of the parish, “All Saint Giles Parishioners and Benefactors,” appears on the second and fourth weekends of the month. No individual intentions may be added at those designated times.

Individual intentions are limited to the names of up to two persons or family names (i.e. “John and Jane Doe,” or “John Doe and Jane Smith,” or “The Doe and the Smith Families.”) If a person wishes to have intentions for more than two persons or family names, they will need to choose another day/time for the additional names.

Each Monday, the daily Mass is offered for the intention of “The Deceased of the Parish” only. No individual intentions may be added to those days.

All Holy days and all holidays are designated for the intentions of the parish; no individual intentions may be added to those days.

Open dates for Mass intentions are still available in the 2021 Mass Book. Please contact the Parish Center with any requests that you may have.