The 2019 Annual Catholic Appeal

“Come, Follow Me… and Share the Word”

Many families in our parish will be receiving or have received the 2019 Annual Catholic Appeal letter from Cardinal Cupich requesting your participation. On behalf of those served by the ministries, parishes, and schools who receive funding from the Appeal, we thank you for your gifts.

The Annual Catholic Appeal offers a wonderful opportunity to answer Jesus’ call to “Come, Follow Me… and Share the Word.” We are all called by Jesus to share his word – not only in our speech but in our actions. When you participate in the Appeal, you support the life and mission of the Church and its outreach programs. You hold up our parishes, schools, and religious education programs. You promote efforts to eradicate violence, promote respect for life, and extend generosity to those in need, becoming sources of mercy and compassion.

In addition to providing for ministries and services throughout the Archdiocese, the Appeal also funds services that are of great help here in our Parish. For example, Appeal funds support ministries such as Religious Education, Continuing Education for priests, staff and lay volunteers, Evangelization efforts such as Youth Ministry and more.

As we contemplate God’s many gifts to us, we should also reflect on our gratitude. Your financial support for the work of our Parish, our Archdiocese, and the Church throughout the world is one way to express this gratitude.

Please consider giving generously to the 2019 Annual Catholic Appeal. In the next few weeks we will have the opportunity to hear a message from Cardinal Cupich and respond with a pledge or gift. When our parish reaches its goal of $84,880.32 (which is 6% of the previous year’s offertory income) in paid pledges, all additional funds contributed will be returned to us for use in our Parish.

On February 9-10 in your pew, you found the 2019 Annual Catholic Appeal brochures. We ask that you review the information and be prepared to make a Catholic Appeal pledge on Commitment Weekend on February 23-24. Keep in mind, your pledge is more than just a one-time collection, but rather a commitment that can be payable in installments. Please also keep in mind that any gift you give to the Appeal helps the Archdiocese deliver needed ministries and services that help answer Jesus’ call to “Come Follow Me… and share the Word,” the theme of this year’s Annual Catholic Appeal.

CLICK HERE for more information in the Annual Catholic Appeal Website.