CHAOS Teen Group – Youth Ministry

What is CHAOS you ask? – Hard to describe but here goes:

It is a youth group that meets once a week in The Alley – a special room located at the back of the Parish Center on the St. Giles campus. Our primary focus is building community and being radically inclusive of all teens. The teens describe The Alley as their safe place – a place where they can be themselves, hang out, have fun, develop relationships that support all parts of their lives, including the exploration of their faith and spirituality – and all without judgement. We also promote community service and outreach programs, such as the Appalachian Service Project and Housing Forward.

CHAOS is a unique program led by teens, supported by youth ministers, who empower teen leadership that is rooted in the Spirit of Love and Compassion for all.

CHAOS meets every Thursday evening from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm – in the Alley (room at the back of the Parish Center – right off the alley).

Be prepared to laugh a lot and meet new friends – that is guaranteed!


Teen LeadersMary, Rachel, Kaden, Callie, and Luisa.

Youth MinistersAnnette Hulefeld ( and Frank Hulefeld (

Our Vision – Chaos ministries embrace the complexities of teen life and provides a place within our church to grow in love for oneself, others, and God.

Our Mission – Loving, serving, and worshiping amongst the Chaos.

Who – All high school teens (incoming 9th – outgoing 12th grade) are welcome to join us for our weekly gatherings and any of our special/seasonal events.

What – A high school ministry program that focuses on forming supportive relationships by community building activities grounded in our Catholic faith. It is a challenge to describe exactly what CHAOS is in some way – it is a gathering of youth who care, who question, who play games with such fun, who dive into social justice concerns, who are searching for and seeking answers to their relationship with God and with each other. We are also planning a youth retreat in the Spring and several other fun outings, which will depend on parent support for transportation.

When – Weekly teen night on Thursdays at 7:30 pm, each gathering involves faith, fellowship, and fun. Activities include community builders, games, crafts, small group sharing, faith reflections, snacks, and just hanging out. The weekly programs are planned by the teen leaders, who always look to the participants for further ideas. We also have other special and seasonal events throughout the year.

Where – Our regular meeting space is The Alley, our youth room on the back side of the Pastoral Center. Please sign up for our communications and/or follow us on Instagram to receive details for special/seasonal events. The gathering place has become “holy ground,” a safe place where teens know they are accepted and included, a place where they can step away from the stress of their daily lives, a place they can reflect on the concerns that are heavy on their hearts.

Why – Our goal is to empower our teens to develop their own Catholic identity and develop the skills to be leaders in the St. Giles parish community and for their future communities as young adults.

Teen life can be one of the most difficult, but greatest times in a person’s life. However, life is far from perfect and certainly full of CHAOS. Join us as we dive into the chaos and explore who we are, who God is, and what that means for our place in the world. Join us for teen nights full of structured chaos! We are always looking to grow as a community where all are welcome!

And that’s not all… we always allow room for the Holy Spirit, so you never know what we might be up to – prepare for the CHAOS.

At the Present Time – Although there is not a youth minister at this time, Fr. Carl, with affirmation from the teens, has asked Annette and Frank Hulefeld to provide mentoring leadership to the teens of CHAOS. Together with the teens, we are creating an unusual, intergenerational model for youth ministry, based on the principles of God’s Love and Compassion. With the support of the teens, of the parents, and Fr. Carl, we believe everyone’s faith will be strengthened and expanded. A special prayer of gratitude to Fr. Carl for blessing the Hulefeld’s as leaders so that the teen program can continue. If you’ve lost hope about the times we are living in, we can assure you, this incredible group of teens is a sign from God that “all is well.”

Questions? – Feel free to contact Annette at and she will make sure a teen leader contacts you and that you receive a great welcome!