RMC – New Unified Parish Name

Unified Parish of St. Catherine-St. Lucy and St. Giles

UNIFICATION NEWS AS OF NOVEMBER 20, 2022 – We will take a break during the Advent and Christmas Season. Our meetings will resume after the first of the year. As we have in the past, we will share reports of our meetings when there is information to share.


NOVEMBER 5, 2022

Dear Parishioners of St. Catherine of Siena – St. Lucy and St. Giles Parish,

As you may recall, Cardinal Cupich met this past Friday, November 4, with members of the Presbyteral Council. At this gathering, there were robust discussions around the new names which were submitted by many of the parishes and parishioners currently involved in the process of unification.

At this moment, I wish to share the results of this conversation as it relates to your parish and for Ascension and St. Edmund Parish. With the support of the priest members of the Presbyteral Council, it has been proposed that the official naming change for your parish be postponed at this time. With that said, for the time being, the name of your parish will remain St. Catherine of Siena – St. Lucy and St. Giles Parish. This is also true for Ascension and St. Edmund Parish.

This consideration and decision were made to affirm the intentional work of renewal taking place at each individual parish, and in the ongoing efforts of supporting a larger vision of renewal within the Oak Park Catholic community and beyond.

Allow me to also use this opportunity to thank your pastor, Fr. Carl Morello, the staff and the unification team for their commitment to all of you and to the process of Renew My Church. Their deep care is certainly grounding in our shared vision of continuing to build up the Kingdom of God during these moments of transition.

Please know of my closeness to all of you in my personal prayer, as I also ask that you pray for me. Wishing you every blessing, I remain,

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Most Reverend Kevin M. Birmingham
Episcopal Vicar


All parishioners were invited to be part of the exciting opportunity of naming our parish, newly unified through the Renew My Church (RMC) process – Preferences, suggestions and ideas for a new parish name, under certain guidelines, were accepted from September 10 through September 25 giving all the opportunity to help establish a new identity for our parish community.

We received many unique and creative parish name suggestions – After review of those that meet qualifications, and prayerful discernment, the Unification Team focused on six names that best convey the spirit of our unified parish and have the most potential to gain widespread support among parishioners. We encouraged you to complete a Parish Name Survey after thoughtful prayer and reflection. The intention of the survey was to identify one or two names that attract a significant proportion of parishioners.  The survey was conducted from October 8 to October 16, and you gave us feedback of your first, second, and third choice from these names:

  • Beatitudes of the Lord Parish
  • Holy Wisdom Parish
  • Pax Christi Parish
  • St. Clare of Assisi Parish
  • St. Hildegard of Bingen Parish
  • Saint Sophia Parish

The naming surveys are in, now what? – All the surveys have been forwarded to the RMC Board for tallying. The name with the highest number of votes will be presented to the Cardinal and the Presbyteral Council at the meeting on November 4 along with the name that has the second highest vote total. The Cardinal and the Council will then vote to either approve or object to the first name presented by a show of hands. If the first name does not meet approval, the second name will be voted on. Once the name is approved, I will receive word and then be able to share and celebrate the newly chosen name for our joined community. Keep in mind that our building names never change, always St. Giles campus or St. Catherine-St. Lucy campus. The new name will identify our newly unified community of God’s beloved.

Some asked how many names were on the original list. I do not really know. However, the list presented to us had about 23 names to look over. I and the Unification Committee went through them and decided on six names. We chose three saints and three alternate names to cover the spectrum of suggestions. How did each sound; did it roll off the tongue; was it identifiable, was it relatable in some way. These names were then presented to you for your vote. This was the procedure followed by parishes before us and the path we choose to follow as well. I trust that the Holy Spirit has guided us and we will arrive at a new name to help identify who we are becoming.

Have a safe and good week ahead.

With you a Christian. For you a priest.

Father Carl Morello
Pastor of St. Catherine-St. Lucy and St. Giles Parish