Divorce Ministry


We will meet on Thursdays at 7:30 pm during the summer time.

Helping You Find Peace, Power, and Passion after Your Divorce – This ministry offers hope and healing to men and women who are separated or have suffered from divorce.

The Catholic’s Divorce Survival Guide – Each session focuses on a different aspect of the divorce healing process such as grief, stress, anger, forgiveness and happiness.

Weekly sessions include education, discussion, and prayer. Divorced men and women, Catholic or non-Catholic, are welcome to attend.

All meetings are held in the living room at the Dore Parish Center located at 1025 Columbian Oak Park, IL. CHILD CARE AVAILABLE FOR A SMALL FEE

For more information and to register please contact Chris Malagoli at 708-912-4378 or cvmalagoli@yahoo.com or Olivia Molloy at livvymolloy51@gmail.com.

See also www.catholicsdivorce.com.