FMC Liturgy

The weekly Mass on Sundays at 10 am in the St. Giles School Corrigan Gym (in McDonough Hall of the Gleeson Building during the summer months) is an active sign that we are an intentional community. The Family Mass Community’s unique way of gathering as Community and preparing for weekly Liturgy is its primary form of evangelization. Our focus on the family and children guides the choices we make in preparing for the Mass, and educating our children in our faith. As many as 50 people prepare for and minister at each Mass.

Our weekly Mass on Sundays at 10 am are held at St. Giles School Corrigan Gym (in McDonough Hall of the Gleeson Building during the summer months). For a simple finding and overview of how our church, school and buildings are located or distributed, please CLICK HERE to see our Google and Campus Maps.


The central focus of our community life is our Sunday liturgy. To prepare for the liturgy, rotating teams of community members attend a meeting lead by an assigned liturgy coordinator and joined by the liturgy director and whenever possible, the priest presider for the Sunday. It is a special time to hear God’s word and share it’s meaning in our world, community and lives.

You do not need any special training or experience to be involved. All members of the team read and reflect on the scriptures in preparation for the Sunday liturgy. The team also determines the responsibilities for the mass such as readers, bread baker, hand washers and book holder. There are many ways all individuals can be involved from the youngest to the oldest.


The preparation meeting takes place typically on a Monday evening 2 weeks prior to the Sunday in the home of a community member that acts as the Host. The team is then responsible to arrive at the gym at 9 am on their assigned Sunday to prepare the sacred space and to stay after mass to take down and clean-up.