Fr. Carl’s Corner

Article from Parish Bulletin – The Arrow on November 26, 2017

First, today I must say a huge THANK YOU to Dick and Barb Schulz, their family and all those who cooked turkeys or veggies, and who served or delivered meals for our annual Thanksgiving Day Dinner held in conjunction with our neighbor, Redeemer Lutheran Church. Not only was it all delicious, but there was a genuine feeling of care and well-being for all present and those being served.

Today’s gospel on this last Sunday of our church’s liturgical year reminds us of another deeper dimension to what took place on Thanksgiving Day. We hear today, “when I was hungry, you gave me food, thirsty, a drink, a stranger and you welcomed me.” Let’s not forget that Jesus said that when we do any of these things for the least one of our brothers or sisters, we do them for Jesus himself!

Let’s keep this in mind each and everyday as we are called to care for and serve each other, especially the least among us. The season we now enter will provide many opportunities for us to do so.

Next week we welcome the beginning of our church’s new liturgical year, ADVENT! So let’s talk ADVENT… a time to look back at the ancient promises fulfilled by Christ. Advent’s liturgies celebrate the season as one of radical hope. And, boy, don’t we need that hope for our society and world today!! That’s why every year in every age we need to go back to the beginning and remember this Advent hope. This is the mood we can only attain when we take the time Advent offers us to reflect and pray.

For this reason, we are offering a time and space on Tuesdays during Advent to come to church and pray quietly before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. We all hope for deeper peace in our hearts and souls and greater peace in our society and world. So often we feel helpless against all the challenges we face and hear about. This is an opportunity to step away and reflect on that radical Advent hope and pray for peace where we feel it is most needed.

CHECK HERE to learn more about all the opportunities that will be offered during Advent to help us stop and remember the real meaning of this time of year. Beyond the shopping and planning and gatherings, as people of faith, we need to stop and remember the hope of our collective past. Advent calls us to deepen our longing and cry out, “Lord Jesus, come in glory!”

Have a great week ahead… and start to plan now how to make this Advent (starting next Sunday) really count!

With you a Christian. For you a priest.
Father Carl Morello – Pastor