Fr. Carl’s Corner

Article from Parish Bulletin – The Arrow on April 14, 2019

Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter all this week and next! These are the most sacred days of our church year and it all begins with recalling the joyful entry of Jesus into Jerusalem followed by his suffering and death on the cross. Can’t we skip this and just go right to Easter? NO… and here’s why!

It is much easier in the midst of affliction and suffering to find a distraction: to turn on the television, to shop for the newest gadgets, to do whatever, to ESCAPE!

Yet each year Palm Sunday puts suffering squarely in our midst. Why? Because our suffering and the suffering of the world, are bound to Christ’s. We are asked to enter into our Lord’s passion, to walk with him, to accompany him as he faces ultimate cruelty, injustice, pain, abandonment, so that we may walk with others who suffer. We are asked to accompany them, to be for them what some of the more admirable people were for Jesus in his darkest hour. Think of the women who did not run from the agony of Jesus’ death, but tended to his broken, lifeless body.

I invite you to participate in all the beautiful services of Holy Week: Holy Thursday, Good Friday, our Vigil on Holy Saturday and any of our Masses on Easter Sunday. These are the most important, sacred services of our Liturgical year — filled with symbolism and encouragement to grow in and live out our faith. It begins with Christ’s passion, which we recall now on Palm Sunday and ends with the victory found in the Eucharist as we come together, and celebrate our faith in Christ raised from the dead that first Easter morning.

Make the necessary time this week to join us for Holy Week Services, but most of all, make the time to receive the grace to see what is before us and open our hearts to those in need. May we have the strength and grace to accompany, in our own unique way, those who suffer. This is what our Lord did, and continues to do for us.

Please remember in prayer all who will be received into the church at the Easter Vigil this year. Here at Saint Giles, please hold in prayer Ivel Posada, Eric Garcia, Heidi Smith and Dean Wilczynski.

Have a blessed Holy Week!

With you a Christian. For you a priest.
Father Carl MorelloPastor of St. Giles Parish