Fr. Carl’s Corner

Article from Parish Bulletin – The Arrow on April 22, 2018

As we listen to these readings telling us how the Easter mystery began to unfold for the disciples and the impact it had on their lives, we too are challenged to consider how we are called as disciples today to begin a new life after Easter. The promise of the Resurrection is that faithful followers of Jesus will have new life. Whether we had a fruitful Lent or were lukewarm in our resolve, we can begin now to become new creations in the Risen Lord.

Make an examination. Call upon the Holy Spirit to reveal what is keeping you from becoming the person God intends. Make an examination of your life as you live it. Look at your prayer life, your sacramental life, your dedication to spiritual growth. Do you share your faith? Do you serve others with love?

Face the truth with courage. It can be discouraging to look honestly at our many faults. Remember, though, that God understands we are not perfect. God asks us to act with integrity and relentlessly fight against sin. Being a sinner is not the worst condition – remaining one is.

Devise a plan. Decide what needs to change and make a plan. Write it down and commit to it. Sometimes making a brave life change entails leaving behind bad company or bad habits. Often it means changing those things that have become entrenched in us. Change may be uncomfortable but growth can’t happen without it.

Finally take the first steps! New life comes through God. Entrust your plan for change to God. Spend at least fifteen minutes a day in prayer, asking for inspiration and strength where it’s most needed. Now take the first steps toward new life!

Have a blessed week ahead.

With you a Christian. For you a priest.
Father Carl Morello – Pastor