Fr. Carl’s Corner

Article from Parish Bulletin – The Arrow on February 18, 2018

As you heard me speak last weekend, our parish is kicking off our FOUNDATIONS OF FAITH campaign. Over the past nine years that I have been with you as your pastor, and with the help of the very talented members of the Parish Council and Finance committees, I have tried to be a good steward of the financial, spiritual and temporal resources of this beautiful parish. Spiritually, we are alive with God’s presence and grace and through our many different ministries become the physical, emotional, and spiritual Body of Christ to others, especially in times of need. The care for all of this, as I mentioned, is ongoing! For this reason, I ask you once again to join in and support our Foundations of Faith campaign.

Something unique to this campaign is that it not only will help support our parish needs, but also will support the larger Archdiocesan effort to reach out to help ensure others around the Archdiocese receive a solid Catholic education and formation. Other parish communities have done their part and now we must step up to the plate and make our contribution as well. At the same, time we will address ongoing needs here at home. I ask you to prayerfully consider how you can best participate. No gift is too small or insignificant. Thank you for your care and support of this wonderful parish and all you do to help keep this foundation of our faith alive, meaningful and thriving!!

On a spiritual note, let’s not miss what these readings today on the first Sunday of Lent are telling us. It’s a message that is at the heart of our formation in this community of faith, and it comes out loud and clear today. No matter what life challenges come our way, in good times and bad alike, WE ARE GOD’S BELOVED!!!

Right after Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan, after hearing the Father’s voice say “You are my beloved Son, with you I am well pleased,”  the Spirit drives Jesus out into the desert. There, in the desert for forty days, he is tempted by the devil!

Have you ever felt loved by God but a little confused because you also feel like you have been driven into a “desert” in your life? That’s when we need to remember what God is saying to us despite our desert experience, YOU ARE MY BELOVED! Not easy to trust in challenging times, none the less true! This is part of our foundation in faith and why we are all called do what we can to support our efforts to preserve what we have been blessed with for generations to come.

Have a great week ahead!

With you a Christian. For you a priest.
Father Carl Morello – Pastor