CCW – Council of Catholic Women

Letter From CCW

Dear Parishioners,

In many ways 2022 has been a remarkable year so far. As a world, we continue to settle into a new way of life and adjustments with COVID and, closer to home, we are marking a significant moment in time as St Catherine-St Lucy and St Giles unite into one parish. This year has been a time to reunite with a bit more safety and, as a combined community, strengthen our faith, our care for one another and the world we live in together.

For anyone not familiar with CCW – it stands for Catholic Council of Women. CCWs exist in numerous parishes throughout the Archdiocese and connects women through faith, friendship and service. As SCSL and St Giles unite, we are working to bring the women from both church communities together and hope to establish a new CCW under our new parish. If you are a woman in SCSL and St. Giles, then you are part of the CCW community. We welcome you to share your ideas, attend events and participate or assist in any way that you can. We are so much stronger together!

If you are reading this and are curious, interested, have an idea or simply want to connect, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Also, if you would like to receive CCW Flocknote messages directly, please send us your email. Otherwise, CCW information and upcoming activities can be found in the bulletin and the weekly Friday Flocknote. Please feel free to call or email us at: or 708-616-4565 and or 708-602-9215, if you would like more information about CCW or would like to get involved in any way.

Peace to you,
Kathy Ritten and Theresa Atchley
CCW Co-Presidents

Upcoming CCW Events

There are several important CCW events coming up. We are immensely grateful to the dedicated women planning these faith and service efforts. They would greatly value any participation and/or support! We hope you share this with your friends and join as well.

Our “Mission Statement”

CCW responds to the needs of women of all ages within the parish community and beyond. CCW affirms every woman’s unique gifts and talents, providing opportunities to develop spiritually, intellectually and socially.

Many Opportunities to Join In and Help!

Please contact Kathy Ritten or Theresa Atchley if you would like to find out more about CCW, how to get involved, have questions or ideas…. we welcome you. Kathy’s email is: and Theresa’s email is:

CCW Board 2022-2023

  • Co-Presidents – Kathy Ritten and Theresa Atchley
  • Advisors – Janette Duewel and Peggy Connerty Lau
  • Secretary – Carrie Van Ermen
  • Treasurer – Natalie Connolly
  • Flocknote – Sharon Zinkula

Board Meetings 2022

Our first few Board meetings are scheduled. Please join us in the Parish Center at 7 pm to meet together to connect, have fun and discuss our parish activities.

  • Tuesday, September 20
  • Tuesday, October 18
  • Tuesday, November 15