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Marriage Anniversary Celebration 2019
Honoring the Sacrament of Marriage

May 4, 2019

What a joy-filled celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage on May 4, 2019 at our 4:30 pm Mass! – Twenty-six couples celebrated 1,144 years of married life! They stood before their families and the St. Giles Community of Faith and renewed the promises they made to each other on their wedding day. A wonderful celebration of the goodness of love and marriage it was! Our congratulations and God’s continued blessing on our anniversary couples.

Couples celebrating in 2019…

  • 61 Years: Joan & Peter Wrenn – January 25th
  • 60 Years: Carolyn & Thomas Geary – May 16th
  • 59 Years: Joanne & Robert Quane – June 11th
  • 57 Years: Mary Anne & Jerry Fitzpatrick – July 7th
  • 56 Years: Phyllis & Frank Bukowski – May 18th… Keta & Joseph Murphy – September 28th
  • 55 Years: Flora & Herbert Breidenbach – July 4th… Cora & Arcadio Dumpit – July 26th… Barbara & Richard Schulz – August 29th
  • 54 Years: Carol & James Gallagher – April 3rd
  • 51 Years: Madonna & Gerald Zych – May 25th
  • 50 Years: Mary & Kevin Baldwin – August 9th… Lauren & Joe Locke – June 8th… Cathy & Jim Marshall – June 14th… Michele & Harry Piotrowski – March 1st… Joyce & Rudy Stamer – October 25th
  • 45 Years: Nancy & Bob Hoel – July 6th… Charlotte & John Walsh – October 5th
  • 40 Years: Sue & Mark Wagner – August 18th
  • 30 Years: Lisa & Marco Capicchioni – June 16th… Anne & Rocky Carey – March 4th… Anastasia & Respicio Vazquez – June 10th
  • 20 Years: Danielle & Christopher Locke – June 5th
  • 15 Years: Katrina & Bernhard Kappe – August 21st… Jennifer & Jared Sirota – October 9th
  • 5 Year: Adrienne & Kevin McInerney – March 1st

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! – Lovely celebrations like this do not happen on their own. Teamwork is the key to any successful event. THANK YOU to this FANTASTIC TEAM for their support and service in making this Marriage Anniversary Celebration so very special for our anniversary couples. SPECIAL THANKS TO: Larry Wardzala for setting up the Hall and Church; our Pastor, Fr. Carl, for making the ceremony so meaningful, and for his support of this special celebration; our music ministers for a most beautiful liturgy; to Fr. Carl, Keta Murphy, and Chris Malagoli for assisting with the ceremony in church. Reception: Friday night (setup and decorating) – Chris Malagoli, Keta Murphy, and Barb and Dick Schulz. Saturday evening – Sherry Spencer (Sherry’s Catering), Elaine Rullo and Eric Spencer for the delicious food prepared and served; sweet table bakers Lynn Geary (delicious chocolate covered strawberries), Keta Murphy (cheesecake slices); bar and dessert assistants, Chris Malagoli, Keta Murphy, Denise Serpe-Rossi and Jo-Ann Saporito; cleanup crew – all of the above and all the participants who lent a helping hand.

God bless you for giving of your time, talent and treasure in making this joyous celebration possible for our anniversary couples; we couldn’t have done it without your helping hands. Thank you for all your support, but most of all, for being the special and generous people you are!

“Beautiful things happen when we sit at a table with friends, family, and strangers.”

Grateful, thankful, blessed because of all of you!
Deacon Gerry and Donna